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Mobilizeu Career Academy for EntrepreneursGet your entrepreneurial career on track! We must harmonize your entrepreneurial career and your business venture(s) in order to create the right synergies for TOTAL entrepreneurial success.

If you find yourself flying by the seat of your pants, going with the flow, running up hill, working in your business vs. on your business, or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and you need to recharge and get excited about your business again, then Mobilizeu is your “go to resource” that will help you Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity™ (eDentity) and put your TOTAL Entrepreneurial ideas and plans into action.

Most entrepreneurial training programs provide training on how to develop a business at various levels.  Entrepreneurs need much more than just a course on business development.  After teaching and coaching entrepreneurs for the last 17 years; we’ve found that learning how to “start, grow, build and mature a business” is not the only source of long-term success. In order to build world-class organizations, an entrepreneur must engage in education, training, coaching, and consulting with a trusted resource for an extended period of time focused on career and business development simultaneously.  You need support, guidance, and access to a learning process that allows you to excel based on your unique personality.

This means we have to start with the basic foundation of who you are as the professional and the basic foundation of what your business represents. These two things together represent your entrepreneurial identity or what we call at Effició…your eDentity.

Glimpse of Your Entrepreneurial FutureNot only does Effició address your business but we also support professional and personal growth. It’s about discovering and cultivating your true entrepreneurial characteristics.

Every once in a while you do something that surprises you and you catch a glimpse of the entrepreneur you were made to be.  You…get featured in a business magazine.  You…acquire an important account.  You…surpass your sales quota.   As you do, you glimpse – for a moment – your true entrepreneurial self and why you do what you do.

But what if you could turn those rare moments in to everyday moments?

Why Mobilize-u; what’s in the name?

To take ownership of your entrepreneurial career you have to begin with mobilization.  To mobilize in MU Academy means to assemble, prepare, and organize resources and put them into use in order to achieve your ultimate entrepreneurial career goals beyond just “owning a business.”  When you mobilize and engage with defined objectives moving in a specified direction, opportunities will begin to present themselves without effort.

It’s starts with discovering your eDentity™

Mobilizeu “entrepreneurial career academy” will help you discover your true entrepreneurial identity (eDentity) and become the best version of your entrepreneurial self in addition to helping you build transferable skills that you can apply to any business venture.

black_pencilYour eDentity encompasses four main components that represent your distinguishing characteristics as an entrepreneur and it is your most important asset as an entrepreneur. Because once it’s defined and implemented, your business will flourish; you will become instantly attractive as the owner to your target audience and your business will reap the cash-flow reward.

Discovering your true entrepreneurial identity involves defining your entrepreneurial career strategy and developing your entrepreneurial career portfolio.  For example, all owners of companies should have a professional entrepreneurial vitae – it’s like a resume for entrepreneurs but much more detailed and precise.  Documentation of your entrepreneurial credentials, accomplishments, creations, innovations and other detailed vitals are crucial to mobilizing your entrepreneurial career on a perpetual basis not just for the business you’ve started.  And, documenting them in the right way and using them in the right context in conjunction with marketing and branding your business ventures can move you to that “next level” you’ve been striving for.

Furthermore…It’s important to get to the CORE of YOU before starting or continuing getting to the CORE of your business.  Traveling to the CORE of anything will result in some explosions, dead-ends, and bumpy roads. Your business should be able to back up your brand position, however, the real question is…can you back up your company?

100_grand_modelThis is where our 1∞Grand (entrepreneurial) Careering Model™  propels your movement (mobilization) in a specified direction with swift speed yet in an uncontrolled controlled way.  It’s about having the freedom to take advantage of opportunities while pursuing a defined destination.

In order to gain this type of freedom, you must understand and embrace your role as an entrepreneur.

There are four major roles you will play as an entrepreneur, the opportunist, the innovator, the investor and the visionary. The opportunist seizes opportunities without a box, the innovator creates solutions that drives the vision and beyond, the investor ensures profitable innovation is standard company wide, but…the visionary sees the big picture and ensures their entrepreneurial ventures are centered on taking action and achieving.

Being a “visionary” is being more than just a dreamer. A dreamer sees things as they wish they could be. A “visionary” sees things as they will become.

Most importantly, an entrepreneurial “visionary” is a person of ACTION. Things don’t just happen. Visionaries bring what they want to pass through carefully planned, organized and executed activities.

Engaging in all these roles the right way begins with defining your entrepreneurial career approach, strategy and direction.

Yes…this can be very overwhelming…but hear me out…

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we make the mistake of becoming the business and the business becomes you – and that’s ok.  Although, to really make an impact you have to maintain a separate identity as the professional who owns your business.  I love my company, Efficio and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done but I’m also a professional that does other things and I love to create.  To do this, I’m not only identified by Efficio but also as Sherese Duncan, the entrepreneur.  You see, sometimes it’s hard to break away from your company and you really don’t have an identity as a professional with a full set of varied skills.  You have professional characteristics and credentials that need to be showcased separately.

This is why discovering your eDentity is very important; you have to have the entrepreneurial (business) skills to move into your defined level of success.

It’s time for you to become the VISIONARY of not only your business but your full entrepreneurial career!

At the heart of the Mobilizeu Academy is the Mobilize Your Entrepreneurial Career™ (MYEC) career mapping calls.  Mobilize Your Entrepreneurial Career™ is an innovative career development program, designed to give entrepreneurs the steps necessary to create an entrepreneurial career strategy, career approach and career documentation – the entrepreneurial vitae harmonized with chosen business ventures.

Here are the BIG BENEFITS of enrolling in the MU Academy:


BIG Benefit 1:  As a member of MU, you’ll Access Quarterly Entrepreneurial Career Blueprint and High Achievers Q&A Calls!  Each MU Academy call will cover four main MYEC modules:

  • Module 1.  Strategically Planning Your Entrepreneurial Career:  Before you can mobilize your career you have to determine the direction you want your entrepreneurial career to go.


  • Module 2.   Your Skills, Your Lifestyle, Your Business:  In order to gain career ownership and acquire offers, opportunities, income and most importantly the lifestyle desired, you have to focus on developing skills that will allow you to create income at anytime and anywhere.


  • Module 3.  Building Image and Managing Perceptions:  You have to advocate for yourself; in order to do this you have be an example of what you believe.  This module is about translating your personal beliefs and value system into a positive professional brand and image.


  • Module 4.  Mobilizing Your Entrepreneurial Career with Clear Intentions:  Moving in a forward direction is about an inclusive and collective activity shared by many, if not all, team members. This module is about defining your opportunist, innovator, investor and visionary roles based on career strategy, approach and vision and aligning your business venture(s) with the entrepreneurial career vision you seek.

On the calls, not only do I go over your entrepreneurial career blueprint modules, but I also share all my own personal secrets for entrepreneurial career achievement, and on occasion I interview top experts who are my personal “secret weapons” in many different areas of entrepreneurial success.

MobilizeU_oBIG Benefit 2:  The quarterly eDentity Letter  A No “holds bar” Entrepreneurial Skills and Strategy Development Report

Each quarter you’ll receive the eDentity Letter dedicated to teaching you how to focus on the right entrepreneurial skills and strategies that the most successful entrepreneurs use.  Each quarter you’ll learn things like:

  • How to make your entrepreneurial career more EFFECTIVE at producing MAXIMUM Profits for your chosen business venture
  • How to INCREASE the marketability of your business venture by perfecting certain skill sets
  • How to increase your personal income with your Perpetual Nucleus of Influencers
  • Effective Branding “You” Promotions (Tested and Proven Strategies for getting noticed and respected as an entrepreneur)
  • New & Innovative Techniques as SOON as they’re discovered
  • ADVANCED Sure-Fire strategies that put you in a position of power

MobilizeU_bBIG Benefit 3:  Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity™ (eDentity) audio program

This audio program, “Excavate Your Entrepreneurial eDentity”™ will give you some very deep insights into what it actually takes to discover your true entrepreneurial identity and become the best version of your entrepreneurial self in addition to helping you build a cash-rich perpetual business.  On this audio program Sherese reveals…

  • What is an Entrepreneurial Identity and the FOUR components that completes your edentity
  • 10 THINGS you should be doing everyday in order to cultivate your entrepreneurial career
  • The definition of an entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • How to TAKE CONTROL of your strategic direction
  • The definition of entrepreneurial POSITIONING

This quick and to the point audio program is just what you need to begin the process of developing your edentity.

MobilizeU_iBIG Benefit 4:  Lifestyle Construction™ Discussions to Encourage Dynamic Personal and Professional Growth as an Entrepreneur

You’ll access a series of guided quality Lifestyle Construction™ discussions throughout the year providing expanded discussion on the 10 areas of Living the Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle curriculum. 

In addition, we’ll have in-depth discussions exploring issues and opportunities facing entrepreneurs today, such as Business/Life Integration, 10 Areas of Lifestyle Construction, Strategic Networking, Time/Work Management, Financial Barriers, Image & Presence, and Communication.

MobilizeU_lBIG Benefit 5:  You’ll Access Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call

I know you’re busy and may not have time to make all of our LIVE calls. But you don’t have to worry about schedule conflicts, because I record each and every call, and the audio is quickly posted online — usually within 24 hours.

So you can download it and enjoy in your business library for years to come.  You can either listen to it right from the Web page just by clicking the link, or you can download the MP3 file to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player.

As long as you’re a member, you can access these materials up to 90 days after each call airs.

MobilizeU_iiBIG Benefit 6:  You’ll Get Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Entrepreneurial Career Communication Hub

I created a Private Members-Only Area of our Learning Support Center that is accessible ONLY to those in the Academy. This online campus serves as our communication and networking hub, enabling you to reach out and contact our certified MYEC advisors and any other member of the academy that you choose!

This is also where you can access all the benefits listed above.


Big BONUS Benefit 7:  Exclusive Access to Efficio’s Premium Media Package including our premier efficióICON print newsletter, and…access to Efficio Media internet radio and tv programming!



And, you’ll also get the full benefits of our Associate Student of Entrepreneurship program including:

  • Exclusive Access to the 3-Hour EXCAVATION Bootcamp (Two Part Video Series)
  • Weekly Subscription to eNews (electronic newsletter) Sharing Focused Strategies to take Control of My Entrepreneurial Career and Business(s)
  • Exclusive Access to the CORE Diaries Reality Show showcasing REAL clients in REAL coaching sessions getting to the CORE
  • EXPOSURE! rewards program for students only
  • Access to the Student Connection and Strategic Forums
  • Fast Start Audio Class Getting to the CORE of Business® detailing all six blueprints and how to implement them now
  • BONUS: Access to your exclusive Red Diamond Business Analysis Session
  • And much more (including Additional Gifts)!!


So, are you ready to begin Mobilizing your Entrepreneurial Journey beyond just owning a business?


MU is the ultimate entrepreneurial career development program that not only provides great content and resources, but also provides specific steps on how to discover your true eDentity.

Let me review all the things you’re missing out on:

  • BIG Benefit 1:  Quarterly Entrepreneurial Career Mapping and High Achievers Q&A Calls!
  • BIG Benefit 2:  The quarterly eDentity Letter  A No “holds bar” Entrepreneurial Career Strategy Development Report
  • BIG Benefit 3:  Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity™ (eDentity) Audio Program
  • BIG Benefit 4:  Lifestyle Construction™ Discussions to Encourage Dynamic Personal and Professional Growth as an Entrepreneur
  • BIG Benefit 5:  Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call
  • BIG Benefit 6:  Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Entrepreneurial Career Communication Hub
  • BIG BONUS Benefit 7:  Premium Content and Media Programming also included!!

guaranteeIf you’re ready to come off the “chair in your office” and run with the wolves not the sheep, then Mobilizeu Entrepreneurial Career Academy is a great place to begin perpetual motion!

Yes, Sherese, I’d like to become a Student of Entrepreneurship in Mobilizeu Entrepreneurial Career Academy today! I understand for my investment I’ll get access to all benefits listed above. And I understand if I’d like to cancel, I can simply let you know via phone or email within my first 90 days, and future investments will be immediately canceled.  After the initial 90 days, I’m committed to investing in the full year programming.

Option 1:  CLICK HERE NOW to begin MOBILIZING at $241 per year (Excellent Deal!!)

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Dedicated to Transmogrifying You, Your Career and Your Business into Something Fantastic!

Sherese Duncan with Efficio

Sherese Duncan, The Entrepreneur’s Transmogrifyer

p.s.   Remember, if you’re absolutely unsatisfied with your membership you can drop out within 90 days, but you have to get started first!