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Every Wednesday and some days in between, we’ll discuss the top trends in skill development for CEO’s, Founders and Owners of small to medium sized businesses.  Plus, we’re discussing the latest small business news you don’t want to miss. Plus some juicy business gossip sprinkled throughout!

Sherese Duncan and her Executive team are talking all things business – small biz, entertainment biz, sports biz, education biz, tech biz and more Plus!! the top nine skills sets CEO’s need to master, delegate or collaborate for optimal performance.

MISSION: To discuss and share key information and stories that help CEO’s of small to medium sized businesses keep their ear to the ground and their strategy focused on the big picture.

Every Wednesday Sherese Duncan and co-host Kienna McGee hosts a #CEOSkillsChat on Twitter.  The chat is open to Small Business CEO’s (from start up to 20 years into the game) who want to discuss the latest news on small business and the latest trends in skill development.

We’re going to have some amazing topics, so it’ll be a new flavor every week!

Here are the #CEOSkillsChat details:

Twitter Hashtag:  #CEOSkillsChat

Chat rules: Have fun, but stay professional and on topic.

Where: Twitter (log into your account and connect with us @sheresed, @efficio, @ceoskillschat)

When:  Every Wednesday 11:00am EST, 10:00pm CST, 9:00pm MST, 8:00am PST

How:,, (or any tweetchat app of choice)

Chat Topics will cover the news and trends discussion on our Radio Show and our new Conversation Café events! The schedule is subject to change, stay connected via our Community for Sophisticated Entrepreneurs to get updates.

We’ll see you on the #CEOSkillsChat!

Team Effició

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