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Getting transmogrified will support a radical transmogrification for your person, career, skills, business, and lifestyle!

We know for a fact that our students of entrepreneurship have a lot of questions and concerns – and need confidential resources to not only confide in but also who can move them from planning to action! Entrepreneurs like yourself need a focused program that will help you play the game called business and win!

Get TransmogrifiedIn order to play the game, and break success barriers you have to get transmogrified, get educated, get informed, get your skills up to par, and most of all get street smart!

Part of the challenge of playing the business game well is spending too much time multitasking and not enough time finishing!

Over the years, We’ve found that a lot of aggressive energetic entrepreneurs in business for themselves make the mistake of functioning as a self-employed person vs. an entrepreneur who creates cash flow, jobs (for others), and businesses. And sometimes, they let FEAR dictate their success rate! The skills to be a good employee are not the same as those required to build and grow a successful entrepreneurial career.

In order to truly win in business and in your career you have to Focus, Fully Engage and Finish!

The main culprit may be…the way you think! It’s time to unleash your ideas and Get Transmogrified!

The Get Transmogrified! Challenge and Tutorial may be the Game Changer for you, your career, and your business!

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore, it might be time to make some drastic changes. Instead of changing just the little things, which often has little impact, try reinventing your whole business.

The Get Transmogrified! Tutorial is your first step!

You have to learn how to play the game called business, and it’s not about what’s on the surface – it’s about digging and getting to the CORE of what it will really takes to do ‘whatever you want to do’ in your entrepreneurial career and in your business.

As you work each month’s challenge and tutorial, you will discover:

  • How to reinvent your business by transmogrifying!!
  • How to stop playing the game of follow the leader
  • How to get off dream street by engaging in The Street Perspective of entrepreneurship
  • Why you’re missing the connection of strategic alignment
  • How to engage in the right activities to grow your business
  • Why you need to get off the emotional roller coaster
  • How to differentiate your business
  • How to transition from forced action to inspired action
  • The difference between wealth, profits, income and cash
  • How to get things to go your way in any situation
  • How to manifest the entrepreneurial experience within your business culture
  • How to stop transferring all of the bad habits you have learned from the past and create your own lifestyle

and more!

There was a reason you started your own business, wasn’t there? Or maybe you’ve never truly experienced the entrepreneurs lifestyle and have actually created a personal straitjacket (not going anywhere) of just owning a small business.


Here’s The List Of The 12 Challenges in the Get Transmogrified! Series

  • Month 1: Preparing for Transmogrification (January)
  • Month 2: Confirming the Transmogrification Goal (February)
  • Month 3: Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Way and Do Good Business (March)
  • Month 4: Get Your Mind Right (April)
  • Month 5: Transmogrify Your Career (May)
  • Month 6: Get Street Smart (June)
  • Month 7: Transmogrify Your Skills (July)
  • Month 8: Get Business Intelligent (August)
  • Month 9: Transmogrify Your Lifestyle (September)
  • Month 10: Get Progressively Proactive (October)
  • Month 11: Transmogrify Your Business (November)
  • Month 12: Full Transmogrification Implementation (December)

Each month is broken down into transmogrification action steps to complete within the month. Each challenge will be available on the 1st day of each month and will remain available as long as you’re a student of entrepreneurship with Efficio.

Why Does It Take 12 Months? Why Can’t I Get Transmogrified Over Night?

You cannot expect to change, evolve, and transform your total mindset over night, even though that would be wonderful. It just won’t realistically happen because progression is key and progression involves a process. In order for this process to be effective, and the habits to stay in place, it will take time.

Also, we have so many (transmogrification) areas that we need to address. We’ll take each challenge one month at a time, this is where The 12 month Get Transmogrified! Tutorial comes in. Each month we focus on a different challenge area and make steady yet strategic forward progress.

Your Result: Mental energy to do the work necessary to become extraordinary in your total entrepreneurial career!

The idea is that at the end of the 12 months your person, your career, and your lifestyle will run more smoothly, plus you’ll have gained the knowledge, skills, habits and routines necessary to continue to evolve your transmogrification as you and your business grows!

Trust me, maintaining can be just as much of a challenge as getting there in the first place, so the transmogrified skills and disciplines are very much needed!

When Does The Get Transmogrified! Challenge Start? Am I Too Late To Begin?

This challenge is ongoing. You don’t have to wait until January 1st or any other arbitrary time to begin. Instead just jump in wherever we are right now and take off from there. (However, make sure to begin with the month of January!)

How Do I Keep Up With The Get Transmogrified! Challenges?

Each month on the first day of the month I will put up a new challenge to work on during the designated month (including me — I’m doing the challenge right along with you). Once registered, you’ll access the Get Transmogrified! Challenge Instruction page each month for the new challenge.

However, I know that it can be hard to remember to check something on the web each month, so I am also going to send out the challenge as part of our Student of Entrepreneurship Community Newsletter.

Getting Transmogrified is your jump start to greatness!

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