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Effició has developed an opportunity to connect with and provide support to entrepreneurs through Conversations!

Conversation Cafe with Sherese DuncanWe’ve connected all the Entrepreneurial Dots!  We understand the full scope for an entrepreneur to excel.   As we continue to build businesses and create multiple streams of cash flow, there is work to be done, deadlines to meet, projects and people to manage, finances to keep track of…all with very little time to sit and think everything out, vent, get answers, and support before the next deadline.


MISSION:  Effició’s Conversation Café was developed from our “THERE IS NO BOX!” philosophy.  Who said entrepreneurs can’t reveal themselves in a safe environment? We want to get you talking about the obstacles you’re facing within your TOTAL business, not just one piece. Team Efficio knows business!

The key to moving forward is to let go of the myth that it may be a weakness to ask for help, solutions, or support that reveals weaknesses or flaws!

Conversations are necessary for you to let go and begin transitioning into TRANSMOGRIFICATION~Let’s think and talk it out TOGETHER! Conversation Café with Team Effició takes place every Wednesday from 10:30am-12:00pm Eastern; the BEST TREAT is that SHERESE DUNCAN, Your Transmogrifyer will be there to give her tried and true entrepreneurial solutions on the spot!

Don’t hold back, you deserve to have a team that will support you and your business’ best interest!

Here are the Conversation Café details:

Conversation Call1.  Starting the Conversation on Conversation Café Live Call 10:30am Eastern Every Wednesday

Conversation rules:   Have fun, but stay professional.
When:   Every Wednesday 10:30am EST, 9:30pm CST, 8:30pm MST, 7:30am PST
Where:   Effició’s Conference Line; call the conference line below during our designated time listed above!

  • Conference Line:  1-712-432-3066
  • Conference Code:  855360

Twitter Chat2.  Continuing the Conversation on CEOSkillsChat 11:00am Eastern Every Wednesday

We’re not stopping there, we continue the conversation highlighting the CORE skills CEO’s should begin to develop related to our Conversation Café topic on TWITTER!  We host our weekly #CEOSkillsChat right after our live Conversation Café Call!

Chat rules: Have fun, but stay professional and on topic.
Where: Twitter (log into your account and connect with us @sheresed, @Effició, @ceoskillschat)
Twitter Hashtag:  #CEOSkillsChat
When:  Every Wednesday 11:00am EST, 10:00am CST, 9:00am MST, 8:00am PST
How:,, (or any tweetchat app of choice)

More details and instructions:

Live Blogging with Sherese3. Keeping the Conversation Going with Live Blogging w/ShereseD 11:30am Eastern Every Wednesday

Blog rules: Have fun, but stay professional and on topic.
Where: Efficio’s Live Blog topic page.  Links to topics are provided on the Live Blog Page link below.
When:  Every Wednesday 11:30am EST, 10:30am CST, 9:30am MST, 8:30am PST
How: No software needed!  Go to the Live Blog topic page the day and time of event and post comments using the form at the bottom of the page!

More details and instructions:

Put all sessions on your calendar!


Red ArrowListen to an excerpt from our most recent live conversation!

Psst…We’re continuing the conversation via #CEOSkillsChat on Twitter!

And, Sherese is Live Blogging right after the Twitter chat beginning at 11:30am Est.; join us to keep the conversation going!!


Contact EfficioConversation Café Topics (past and coming up):

  • February 12  Capitalizing on the Competition
  • February 19  Let’s Talk Real Life:  Mind Stability
  • February 24  What you READ is what you THINK
  • March 5  Don’t be labeled the Grumpy CEO
  • March 12  Cash is King and You Are Its Servant
  • March 19  Spring Cleaning-What (professional) area do you tackle first?
  • March 26  Trust, Training, Compensation, OH MY
  • April 2  Is Your Organizational Behavior Meter Working?
  • April 9  Delegating Tasks: When and What to delegate
  • April 16  Meet Deadlines, Get Focused and Finish What You’ve Started
  • April 23  Taming the Beast: Files, Content and Information
  • April 30  Bread and Butter Sales Keeps You in Business
  • May 7  Commit to Free Screen Week:  Innovate, Create, Explore!
  • May 14  Social Media Engagement: Small Biz CEO vs. Large Biz CEO


Our Get Over Hump Day Social Wednesday with Effició for Executive Entrepreneurs:

  1. Start the Conversation on Conversation Cafe every Wednesday at 10:30am!
  2. Continue the Conversation on #CEOSkillsChat every Wednesday at 11:00am!
  3. Keep the Conversation Going on our LIVE Blog every Wednesday at 11:30am!


Team Effició

p.s. Recorded conversations are available after each session for registered Executive Students of Entrepreneurship in our Learning Support Center!
p.s.s. To get notice of each topic and reminders for all events, join our Private Mailing List.

Disclaimer:  All sessions are recorded and made available to our registered Students of Entrepreneurship.  This service is for information purposes only.  Efficio does not endorse opinions of participants and makes not claim on their products and services. You can read our full terms here.