Part II of VII: Competitive Skill Development

“…Getting to the CORE is so eyeopening for any entrepreneur. CORE helps you develop everything and my life, my career and my business is harmonized with exactly what I want!  Don’t miss out on getting to the core!!!”  Eden Kidane, Owner, Kidane Enterprises Inc.


Starting and Growing a Business is SIMPLE! Sustaining and Maturing a business takes much more work and it starts with your SKILLS!!

Before I share the details of your training curriculum, I want to emphasize that we not only teach you the “what” but we also teach you the “how, why, where and when.” In order to do this, our supporting platform for all Effició programs is Transferable Skill Development.

Transferable Competitive Skill Development is Our Goal!

I’ve ran across several reasons why a lot of entrepreneurs never quite get to the true level of cash flow they desire and ultimately the true level of freedom they yearn for every day. There are many but the most prominent is a disconnection from the knowledge, education, and skills focused on strategically operating and growing their business.

A lot of entrepreneurs have good knowledge, education, and skills but some are missing the connection to the strategic alignment between those skills and the businesses they own for various reasons.

Sonya Barnes Works with Efficio and Sherese Duncan

Nothing is secure when it comes to careers and business – not even your business. To stay relevant, you have to build skill sets that allow you to create and ultimately take advantage of opportunities in a way that benefits your life goals. The CORE training program not only develops your business and your entrepreneurial career but also your skills, namely Effició’s Nine Skill Sets of Entrepreneurial Visionaries (NSSEV). They include:

  • Adaptive SkillsCORE skills
  • Artistic Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Managerial Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Technology Skills
  • Visionary Skills

In other words, with CORE you’ll acquire…

  1. The transferable business skills you need to pursue a successful entrepreneurial career.
  2. The knowledge you need in order to make the right business decisions.
  3. The intellect you need to grow and evolve professionally and exponentially.

You will acquire advanced level skills to ensure you’re engaging in consistent innovation!

No matter where you are in your business development process, my team and I can help you implement a focused strategy with the right resources, fully engage in the right activity, and finish with strategic execution – in the right way! All of which will lead to a successful business that will shine like a newly discovered Red Diamond now — and in the future.

Ready to get to the CORE of your business?


CORE is the most comprehensive system for implementation of business operations available for entrepreneurs! We know you’re ready, click below to get your system delivered directly to your doorstep!

–Access full program details: Access the CORE Full Mining Process Page.

–Not ready yet…continue to learn about CORE Skill Development.


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