Part IV of VII: Your Materials

“…not only am I getting to what it will really takes to move my business and my life to an extraordinary level, I’m having fun! Working with CORE is hard work but focused. The payoff at each stage has been immediate.” Carolina Aponte, Owner, Caja Holdings



CORE Business Operations Product

CORE ManualThe Getting to the CORE of Business® Manual: Full Getting to the CORE of Business® curriculum and training materials packaged and delivered to you directly. This alone is valued at over $1900! The Getting to the CORE of Business® Manual is your reference document and the central component of the program. It is over 450 pages of focused content that can be used for years beyond the program. Your CORE manual is the driver of action utilizing all materials provided. This is your main training tool.

CORE Education Plan and Ramp Up Handbook: This tool is your guide to all the program materials, an outline of the content schedule, structure and evaluation scales and an overview of how to use all the tools in order to get to the CORE of your business. This document will provide more control, greater results, and the ability to leap forward profitably! The EP should be used as a time management tool to ensure you’re clear on all programming, calls and tools available.

Red Diamond WorkbookRed Diamond Workbook: In order to experience what you’re learning, we’ve created your Red Diamond Workbook (RDW). Your companion Red Diamond Workbook has Time-Saving Templates, Worksheets and Checklists to organize final documents, to document customized systems and processes, and to create your full set of operational manuals. Some activities will be in your CORE manual but most will be in your Red Diamond Workbook.

Infrastructure System and Process “templates.” These are customized templates that outline a format for developing and documenting systems and processes that can be used to integrate into your business. All are electronic fill-in-the-blank style templates. You don’t have to start from scratch…we’ve done all the work for you!

Diamonds of Achievement

Diamonds of Achievement: In order to keep track of your progress, we must evaluate the viability of your business at each blueprint.

Mining MapWe will use the diamonds of achievement spreadsheet to make critical checks throughout the program to ensure you’re focused and on track as you build and mine your red diamond.

CORE Mining Map: This is a companion to your Diamonds of Achievement. You will use the CORE mining map to visually document your path to your red diamond. This can be placed in your office close to your workspace.

Ready to get to the CORE of your business?


CORE is the most comprehensive system for implementation of business operations available for entrepreneurs! We know you’re ready, click below to get your system delivered directly to your doorstep!

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