Part V of VII: Intelligence Training

“This training is so valuable and provides you the best possible chance for success. Getting to the CORE is allowing me to stay focused on real goals and actually achieve them. I’m looking forward to acquiring my Red Diamond!” Pilar Long, Owner, MPG Consulting


As a small business owner you and your team must learn to EXECUTE DECISIONS STRATEGICALLY if you’re going to stay competitive and become profitable.

But that’s not all…you also have to make decisions and move forward with those decisions. Your focus should be INTELLIGENCE!

You have to build your intellectual capital.

CORE Intelligence Training

Your focus has to be action! Planning is great; without action it is useless. Effició’s Intelligence Training not only provides step-by-step content but also detailed implementation and execution support through focused intelligence sessions so you can actually focus, fully engage and finish!

Being intelligent is the ability to make decisions and move forward. CORE Intelligence Training will jump start strategic thinking and action. They are set up to help you:

  • make decisions
  • implement
  • execute

the information provided to you in your CORE Manual as well as all the other opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and insight by…

  • Supporting Skill Development
  • Supporting Execution of Each Blueprint
  • Supporting Your Ability to Ask for the Right Help

CORE Intelligence training is your main learning support activity, your CORE curriculum is your main learning resource, your Red Diamond Workbook is your main execution tool and and the Learning Incubator is your main communication and support hub!

Lily Winsaft Works with Efficio and Sherese Duncan

The following Intelligence Training including in your CORE program is focused on Implementation and Execution using the Getting to the CORE of Business® curriculum in detail:

efficio live training and learningIntelligence Training CD Set:

You’ll receive 24 Intelligence Sessions covering the Getting to the CORE of Business® curriculum in detail and key operational strategies to keep your systems in check and streamline key processes that bring in cash. You get ACCELERATED ACCESS to the knowledge you need and how to apply it – WITHOUT you doing the hard work of figuring it out yourself!

Skill Development Training CD:

Entrepreneurial development and training is nothing without developing skills that allow you to create income at any time. Nothing is secure when it comes to careers and business – not even your business. To stay relevant, we’ve included ADVANCED training on how to build skill sets that allow you to create and ultimately take advantage of opportunities.

Live Classes Training CD:

We’ve captured live (in person) uncensored and unedited trainings of the Getting to the CORE of Business curriculum. These are in depth trainings along showcasing detailed discussion and uncensored interaction with CORE students. This is invaluable!

Strategic Planning Training CD:

This strategic training will focus on creating your work management plan and advanced goal setting techniques while implementing key business strategies based on your key focus areas.

Systems Training CD:

This training is focused on systems development using the six blueprints (strategy, business, technology, financial, human capital, and marketing) and how to implement each system with corresponding processes on a realistic schedule.

get_your_bonusPlus!!! We’re including two Bonus Training CD’s:

  • Operational Excellence Training CD: This is an advanced training to help you take your operational development to an increased level of continuous improvement without increasing costs or resource allocation that is not harmonized with your vision. It starts with setting your destination point for excellence.
  • Integrated Marketing Training CD: Marketing needs to be integrated into every piece of your business infrastructure. This training will tackle the marketing bear in a simplistic way in order to understand and implement marketing from a CEO perspective. And…you’ll learn how to integrate marketing with your total business infrastructure.

As you can see, this program is not for the business dabbler — nor for the faint of heart, we’re known as the DRILL SERGEANTS OF BUSINESS — it requires a willingness to do the work assigned, unwavering commitment, and an intense development process.

You don’t have to run your business blind anymore. Start calculating your business risks instead of “flying by the seat of your pants.” Calculating business risks takes focus, discipline and strategic direction; it’s time to invest in a strategic partner.

Are you ready to begin a fun and exciting journey to the CORE of your business with us! Combo350

CORE is the most comprehensive system for implementation of business operations available for entrepreneurs! We know you’re ready, click below to get your system delivered directly to your doorstep!

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