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You’ve started your business.

Maybe…You’ve worked your business (for a few years).

and I’m sure You’ve marketed your business.

But…Do you know how to operate your business?


“…in business, sometimes you find yourself at the bottom of this dark hole and you can’t figure out what to do; Sherese and her team are at the top with a light and a rope ready to pull you out…”

Amanda Carroll
2013 Business Woman of the Year Speech
CEO, Sage Jewelry Arts



There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are “flying by the seat of their pants.”  They’re trying to build a profitable cash-rich business without any structured entrepreneurial training or specific instructions.  Flying by the seat of your pants means you make things up as you go along – you are basically just winging it.   “Winging it” and “Guessing Games” can kill a business. Remember, freedom, flexibility and a 6 or 7-figure bottom line aren’t just given to you. It takes Clear and Concise Action.

No more excuses.

This is not your typical product…This is Skills-Development training specifically designed with the savvy entrepreneur in mind!

Shelley SchmidtClear and Concise action is centered around learning how to operate your small business and take complete ownership of daily activities.  Once you’ve taken ownership, it’s a matter of taking strategic action steps to create perpetual motion within your business; in other words…you have to Get to the CORE of Your Business!®

Getting to the CORE of Business® is about engaging in a strategic process and building your full Small Business System.™  Our CORE Small Business Operations System is designed to give you the infrastructure you need to protect you from outside forces that can hinder your progress, and to build a business that is profitable, perpetual and cash-rich.

When I say, “getting to the CORE of business,” I’m referring to your responsibility as a business owner to build a solid business that produces income, cash, profits, and wealth consistently over time.  In order to get to the CORE you have to engage in a strategic journey which involves a systematic process we call The Red Diamond Blueprint Model.™

The Streamlined Well-Oiled Small Business System

The first things we’ll tackle in this SYSTEM is Getting You Prepared for Strategic Work, Business Model Definition and evaluating your TOTAL Small Business System.

The main thing I want you to understand…eventually you will come to a crossroads (every successful business owner does) and it will be time to choose to do the “operational” work for your small business…or not.  When you come to that crossroad, I want you to be ready to take the right path and “be able” to choose to move forward (there are many obstacles that can keep you from making the right choices in business).

If you’re in business (no matter how long) and need to understand how to operate your small business beyond the cookie-cutter sheep mentality basics, then this system is for you!


Monday, 7:30am
From: Entrepreneur’s Transmogrifyer Sherese Duncan, Charlotte NC
To: CEO’s, Partners, Founders and Executives of Small Businesses

You know what your business stands for. You know where you’re trying to go. You know you have what it takes…

But, how do you make your business flourish?

It’s time to unleash your ideas and transmogrify into a strategic business thinker. Transmogrifying dismisses the old adage “think outside the box” and promotes “there is no box.”

During these tough economic times, many small businesses are wondering if they should stay the course or if it is time to throw in the towel. Perhaps neither is the right answer — maybe it’s time to reinvent your business. Many resilient entrepreneurs refuse to give up, remaining determined to turn their companies around. And they do because they learned how to transmogrify.

If what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore, it might be time to make some drastic changes. Instead of changing just the little things, which often has little impact, try reinventing your whole business.

You have to learn how to play the game called business, and it’s not about what’s on the surface – it’s about digging and getting to the CORE of what it will really take to do ‘whatever you want to do’ in life and in your business.

Effició’s “Getting to the CORE of Business” Small Business Operations System (CORE) takes you through a systematic process that will teach you (1) the 13 CORE systems a small business needs, (2) how to integrate, implement, and execute a focused growth strategy and (3) how to create a strategic blueprint that will drive results in your business immediately—100 percent guaranteed!

CORE is designed for those entrepreneurs who who need the skills, format, support, and strategy to build streamlined operations and do so effectively, efficiently, and profitably.

Sherese Duncan, Entrepreneur's TrainerI am Sherese Duncan, “The Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner and Transmogrifyer” CEO of Effició, Inc. In my  system, I address the biggest entrepreneurial conundrum within the small business community: mastering the skill to work ONandIN™ your business while maintaining your role as the leader of your company.  As the CEO/Owner/Founder, you not only have to work ON the business, you also have to work IN it.  The goal is to achieve balance and harmony with your tactical actions and your strategic planning.

Ask yourself this question: Are you playing to win or are you just being competitive?

I am challenging you to ask yourself this question because you probably have acquired a lot of information, have had a lot of training, and you maybe you have acquired decent amounts of successes thus far, yet you still may not be where you want to be for various reasons.

Realizing that it is the intangibles of business ownership – thinking, reading, writing, planning, and doing – that provides the real value and the real results have truly made me examine the last seventeen years of educating and working with entrepreneurs.

What I have discovered is that you can either play to win or just play to be competitive.

I would hope you are in it to play to win across the board. Playing to win in business is not about beating the competition; rather it is about achieving and exceeding your definition of success. Playing to be competitive is not a bad thing, but it can only take you so far – at some point you have to play to win!

What does it really take to win in business? It takes…

Getting to the CORE of Business

“Getting to the CORE of Business” Small Business Operations  System is a six-phase program utilizing Effició’s Red Diamond Blueprint Model. This model is unique from any other business model in the industry. It looks at the entire business and outlines a step-by-step process for creating a fully functioning small business system. The content included in each diamond blueprint outlined in the Red Diamond Blueprint Model is specific and detailed to ensure understanding, implementation and execution is achieved. Using this model as a guide, you will be able to understand and implement 13 CORE systems all business should have, taking each system step-by-step.

Why Should You Trust Me?

  • I am The Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner, meaning – I focus on creating programs like this one that will guide you through a strategic path to the vision and lifestyle you seek through systematic steps.
  • In addition to building and growing my own small business, I have successfully built Effició into a business many entrepreneurs what to mimic. I constantly get asked, “How do I do what you do with my business?”
  • It’s not easy but it can be done. Effició is a Red Diamond Company!  We are the ONLY source at the forefront of teaching entrepreneur’s like yourself how to build a comprehensive Small Business System.™

You will not find another company providing detailed step-by-step information on how to build a total business system from beginning to perpetual! We help you in the full development of your business whether you’re start up, growing, or 20 years into the game.

We know business!


Tia Lynch
Sherese is a great consultant, coach, strategic thinker and her mind is very innovative. I have worked with Sherese and Effició down through the years and I continue to glean good information and keys components for my business. I highly recommend Sherese and Effició to help you move your business to the next level!  You will truly receive some Good/VALUABLE and insightful information to help you get to the CORE of your business.”

Tia Clay Lynch, TC Design Solutions



You must realize that just acquiring information is not going to help you if you do not know how to turn that information into a workable Small Business System. It is time to move beyond collecting information and on to executing!

Let’s take a look at what is inside the “Getting to the CORE of Business” Small Business Operations  System:

CORE Manual Content

  • Introduction: What Does “Getting to the CORE of Business®” Really Mean The process of getting to the CORE (understanding your business in its raw form and building from there) can be lonely, confusing, and frustrating because you don’t know what’s there until you get there.  I’ll share the “CORE details” of our Getting to the CORE of Business concept including the new “Getting to the CORE of You” steps.  You can’t get to the CORE without getting prepared – we’re going to discuss your business and the owner (that means you) and how both can affect your business’ success.


  • Organize Your Small Business Components to Function Like a Well-Oiled Machine There are a total of 10 main components that make up a small business.  You’ll learn how to define and analyze each component and create a focused business model that’s operationally sound in order to ensure each component can work interdependently and independently if the need arises.  The process of building your Small Business System Components is not a process that is a one time deal, it is a continuous process that all business owners need to implement in their business life that needs to be cultivated, customized, and organized based on the vision you seek.


  • How to Operate Your Business Day by Day, Month by Month and Year by Year Operating your business each and every day is dependent on the internal operations of the business.  Strategy and Systems coupled together creates the framework for your business model.  The business model is then executed by business operations.  Business Operations is supported by the business’ infrastructure.  I’ll show you how to define your infrastructure that will help you engage your business in only those activities that bring in the most profits and consistent cash flows (we must ensure you’ve identified a solution that fulfills a need in the market you’ve chosen). Infrastructure allows you to sustain hard times, and make it through the roller-coaster ride of business ownership.  The key is to create a roller-coaster that you don’t get sick on and you want to ride it over and over again screaming and having fun!  Don’t worry, I make this very simple and approachable for entrepreneurs who take this course.


  • Marketability, Culture, and Brand…Cultivating the “DNA” of Your Business The word culture, generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activity significance.  In business, Culture is “The foundation of why you’re in business and the framework for how you do business.”   A Business Culture consists of five elements that are “practiced and passed on to the business team.”  I’ll discuss why this step is so important and how to tie your business’ marketability, culture and brand development together in order to set the standard of behavior for you, your team and your business.  Once you’ve created and have begun practicing your CORE Culture, you’ll see a positive change in your business almost instantly!


  • The Red Diamond Blueprint Model™ and How to Apply the Six Diamond Blueprints As Building Blocks to Systems and Process Implementation:  Strategy, Business, Technology, Financial, Human Capital and Marketing As an entrepreneur, your goal is to operate a business that is viable, profitable and durable.  One of the keys to operating a business efficiently is recognizing that the product or service you offer doesn’t make the business. The business is all of the systems and structures that are built up to support whatever product or service you sell. But in order for the business to prosper based on the systems and processes you’ve built, you have to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the structure and success of those systems and processes.  I’ll show you step by step how to use each blueprint to will implement 13 CORE systems and corresponding process for your Small Business System™ components to function properly.  


  • How to Create a System for Generating a Consistent Pool of Buying Customers/Clients Marketing plays a vital role in successful business ventures. How well you develop a plan that markets your business will ultimately determine your degree of success or failure.  A successful marketing program starts with creating your basic engine for acquiring qualified prospects and communicating with them on a consistent basis.  I’ll share and tried and true process for determining the best marketing activities that will not only bring in money but also consistent profits and cash flow over time.


Getting to the CORE of Your Business® will transform your thinking, upgrade your skills, and breathe new life into your business.

There was a reason you started your own business, wasn’t there? Or maybe you’ve never truly experienced the entrepreneurs lifestyle and have actually created a personal straightjacket (not going anywhere) of just owning a small business.

Getting to the CORE is your pathway to greatness!


“…my company has grown in revenue by 2x within the first year of the program and 3x within the second year…” Jake Kent, CEO, JCMR Technology


I understand that for $697 I get the following:


CORE Business Operations Product

CORE ManualThe Getting to the CORE of Business® Manual: Full Getting to the CORE of Business® curriculum and training materials packaged and delivered to you directly. This alone is valued at over $1900! The Getting to the CORE of Business® Manual is your reference document and the central component of the program. It is over 450 pages of focused content that can be used for years beyond the program. Your CORE manual is the driver of action utilizing all materials provided. This is your main training tool.

Red Diamond WorkbookRed Diamond Workbook: In order to experience what you’re learning, we’ve created your Red Diamond Workbook (RDW). Your companion Red Diamond Workbook has Time-Saving Templates, Worksheets and Checklists to organize final documents, to document customized systems and processes, and to create your full set of operational manuals. Some activities will be in your CORE manual but most will be in your Red Diamond Workbook.

Infrastructure System and Process “templates.” These are customized templates that outline a format for developing and documenting systems and processes that can be used to integrate into your business. All are electronic fill-in-the-blank style templates. You don’t have to start from scratch…we’ve done all the work for you!

Diamonds of AchievementRecordings of Live Classes: We’ve captured live (in person) uncensored and unedited trainings of the Getting to the CORE of Business curriculum. This is invaluable!

Mining MapDiamonds of Achievement: In order to keep track of your progress, we must evaluate the viability of your business at each blueprint.

We will use the diamonds of achievement spreadsheet to make critical checks throughout the program to ensure you’re focused and on track as you build and mine your red diamond business now and beyond this program.

CORE Mining Map: This is a companion to your Diamonds of Achievement. You will use the CORE mining map to visually document your path to your red diamond. This can be placed in your office close to your workspace.



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