Efficio's 10 Year Business Anniversary ScrapbookOk…I’m getting into late 2005 and I’m really movin’ and shakin’. 


The Georgia Tech Impact Speaker Series and Mensa!

Pictured below are two events I’m so proud of.  The first two pictures are with attendees at the Georgia Tech Impact Speaker Series.  I spoke to seniors and recent grads about business and how to transition from college to career.  It was my first time speaking on this topic.  It was fantastic.


sherese_impact_speaker_series_studentsherese_impact_speaker_series I spoke at the Impact Series at Georgia Tech; I was on a speaker lineup that included Sara Blakely and Warren Buffet!  (they are not in these pictures – the first picture is one of the students and the second is the organizer of the event)

Now the picture below…this was an amazing experience.  I actually was booked to speak at a Mensa event!  If you know anything about Mensa you know it was a very unique and exciting experience.

Sherese Duncan Speaks at Mensa! I’m looking a little wild but if you haven’t partied with the Mensa’s you’re missing out!  Anyway, Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. It is a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. I spoke on how to “Get to the CORE of Business!”  It was phenomenal!  This was a surprise event and I had a blast.  (pictured is the president of the local chapter)


 Effició Radio Network is Born!

I thought…“I can’t wait on Oprah, CNN, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine, I need to create my own voice and a platform for other entrepreneurs like me!”

September of 2005, Efficio Radio Network was born! I’ve interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs including several celebrities. We had a production team, studio team and a live transition team. It was a lot more work to produce Internet Radio back then.

You can listen to our archives and my new show launching August 2, 2013!

Sherese Duncan Radio Host
Efficio Radio Network Guests
Real Women Real Business Radio Show


I Met Susan Taylor!

I don’t even know how to describe this experience. I had the opportunity to speak at the Global Diversity Group’s Business Exchange: Tour for Success Event in 2005 and to my surprise the luncheon speaker was Susan Taylor!

She was very approachable and nice. She gave some great tips on how to achieve your goals and to always reach for something more. What a great motivator! At that time she was still the editor of Essence Magazine.

I continued to network with Susan and she was one of my first “celebrity” guest on Efficio Radio Network!

2005 was a great year!!!

Global-Diversity-Eventsherese_duncan_susan_taylor I was very happy!
Sherese Duncan Interviews Susan Taylor on Efficio Radio Network Check out my interview with Susan Taylor on Efficio Radio Network:http://efficio.biz/susan-taylor/


Getting to the CORE of Business® for Over 10 Years!

We’ve had so many wonderful years in business and are very excited about the continued journey. Although we’ve been “getting to the CORE of business”® for over 17 years, our official date of incorporation was 10 years ago this year (2013)!

To celebrate with us, join our private mailing list to get access strategies, tips and resources.

If you’re ready to get to the CORE of your business, join Sherese Duncan for her new mentoring program for entrepreneurs at all levels, Mentoring and Motivation Collective.

Check out the Effició Scrapbook for more wonderful moments.

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