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Effició’s is proud to offer the FIRST EVER certification for entrepreneurs that provides focused learning and support for execution of concepts learned through our certification program. As a global company with over a decade of advocacy for entrepreneurship, Effició supports entrepreneurs with business credentials that objectively assess experience, ethics, and knowledge; and that uniquely provides life long learning programs that increases skills, character and knowledge of business and entrepreneurship.

The Certified Strategic Business Credential program is unique and a one-of-a-kind credential program for entrepreneurs. CSB credentials establish your dedication “to” and proficiency “in” business enterprise. The wonderful thing about our credential program is that the focus is not only about the certification itself; it’s about focused learning and skill development.

Receive the Best in Class Entrepreneur Certification!

Most certification programs provide a rigorous application process, an exam, and continuing education units to maintain certification. This process has been successful in the professional world, but entrepreneurs need much more than just a designation. They need support, guidance, and access to a learning process that’s allows them to excel based on their unique person.

Effició’s Certified Strategic Business program is the best in class for entrepreneurs because it provides a process that engages the entrepreneur in learning key concepts and business principles with the end goal of producing a profitable cash-rich perpetual business enterprise.

This learning process requires them to apply and execute learned concepts within their business for the life of their business.  We currently offer three credential levels within our CULTIVATION curriculum, the mastery level within our Entrepreneur Education Program:

Certified Strategic Business Owner (CSBO): At this level, CSBO certifies that you have achieved certain standards within your small business and within your industry, and it also says that you keep abreast of current thinking and technical knowledge. The CSBO designation is the best stepping stone after the business is started and has begun securing revenues. This certification gives you credibility and self-confidence to be a strategic business owner. An entrepreneur who completes this credential may write “CSBO” after his/her name and show the CSBO Certification logo on their materials and web sites.

Certified Strategic Business Professional (CSBP): This is the mid-level certification that builds credibility as an experienced, professional business owner, thereby helping you market your established business brand. A CSBP will feel more competent, have more hands-on experience and, therefore, receive more business opportunities with this certification. Successful people want to hire other successful people. An entrepreneur who completes this credential may write “CSBP” after his/her name and show the CSBO Certification logo on their materials and web sites.

Certified Strategic Business Executive (CSBE): This reflects the highest level certification proving that you are an exceptional, dedicated business leader, have a recognized brand in the industry and own a successful small business based on your terms.  Being an executive is one thing, but actually “achieving like the CEO” you really are, elevates you in the eyes of the public, your clients, and professional colleagues. Many clients will travel a long distance to work with the best. The CSBE certification states that you are an industry leader, a successful business owner, and a respected entrepreneur by your colleagues and clients. An entrepreneur who completes this credential may write “CSBE” after his/her name and show the CSBE Certification logo on their materials and web sites.

All students of entrepreneurship begin their credential track the 2nd year into the program.  The credential track will vary based on the level you choose to pursue (see chart below), with the last three-six months focused on mentoring, coaching, peer reviews, and yes, you will have to take an exam.  We understand that obtaining the CSB credential is a voluntary process, one that requires a serious level of commitment on your part. Your decision to pursue completion of the CSB credential requirements is a first, but significant, step.

Credential Time to Complete Cycle Starts Life of Credential Maintenance Cycle Begins
CSBO 12 Months Six months after registration Two Years 30 Days after Receive Credential
CSBP 18 Months Three months after registration Three Years 30 Days after Receive Credential
CSBE 24 Months 30 days after registration Four Years 30 Days after Receive Credential

There are many other details that you will receive once you’re registered as a student.  As stated, this is a rigorous process; your certification mentor will be right there with you as you progress through the certification track.

Once you’ve obtained your chosen credential, you must keep your credential updated by completing Entrepreneurship Development Units (EDU) through approved education and learning programs.  This ensures continued growth and achieved success within your business, not to mention the brand building power of education.

Business evolves and so must business owners; therefore, we don’t ask for detailed information on what you’ve done up until today. Instead, we require strategic learning from day one. This program is about life long learning, engaging, and growing. Although, past experiences and successes will aid in how quickly one completes their chosen certification.

No matter where you are in your business development process, my team and I can help you implement a focused strategy with the right resources, fully engage in the right activity, and finish with strategic execution – in the right way! All of which will lead to a successful business that will shine like a newly discovered Red Diamond now — and in the future.


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