You Are the CEO.  Do Your Skills Reflect Your Job Description?

Red Diamond: Preparation Blueprint
Course Number: 002-1-PC-T
Entrepreneurial Education Units: .2
Entrepreneurial Development Units: n/a
Next Course Date:  June 6
Time: 4-5:10pm est.
Format: Teleclass
Materials: PDF Workbook
Non-Student:  $99
Registered Students: $0 (Become a student of entrepreneurship)


Join Classes with EfficioEntrepreneurial development and training is nothing without developing skills that allow you to create income at any time.  Nothing is secure when it comes to careers and business – not even your business.  To stay relevant, you have to build skill sets that allow you to create and ultimately take advantage of opportunities in a way that provides real value and real results.

Regarding skills, the real question is, what are you an expert in?  What specific skills allow you to do what you do well?

Can you answer these questions without “crinkling your forehead?”  If not, this is why you should take this course! Building a specific set of skills is very important for you (CEO) and your team.  However, most entrepreneurs have not formally engaged in learning what a skill is and how to build a skill.

Skill Development means developing yourself and your skill sets to add value for your business and for your own career development. You have to foster an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning; this is the key to workplace success – the internal culture of your business. Continuously learning and developing one’s skills requires identifying the skills needed for entrepreneurial success on your terms, and then successfully seeking out training or “in-the-business” opportunities for developing those skills.

This course will help you determine how to develop the right skills that produce tangible outcomes from intangible actions.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify 10 Key Skills Entrepreneurs Should Perfect
  • Organize Nine Skill Sets of Visionary Entrepreneurs
  • Develop Business Skills Effectively
  • Assess Which Skills Are Most Important for You, Your Team and Your Cash Flow!


Section 1: The Entrepreneurial Skill Set Analysis Tool
Section 2: Identifying How You Will Develop Your Skills
Section 3: Determining Learning Opportunities for Skill Development
Section 4: Developing Your Skills with Two Main Tools

Skill Sets Covered: (those highlighted)

Effició’s Nine Skill Sets of Entrepreneurial Visionaries (NSSEV)

  1. Adaptive Skills
  2. Artistic Skills
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Innovation Skills
  5. Leadership Skills
  6. Managerial Skills
  7. Social Skills
  8. Technology Skills
  9. Visionary Skills


Level: 1-Preparation
EEUs: .2
EDUs: n/a
Next Course Date:  June 6
Time: 4-5:10pm est.
Format: Class is held over our private teleconference line.
Materials: Digital Text and Workbook
*MP3 Audio: Yes
Non-Student:  $99
Registered Students: $0 (Become a student of entrepreneurship)

Prerequisites:  None

Registration Details:

  • Your investment includes materials, credentialing and live training.
  • *Registered Students of Entrepreneurship get 24/7 access to the course recording.
  • You may transfer your course payment to another course if course is cancelled.
  • Refunds for course registration are given if the course is cancelled or within five business days of course date with written notification of desire to cancel.
  • If you’re not satisfied with your course you may contact student services to discuss.

If you have any questions about this course or need to talk to a student advisor, call our office or email student services.


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