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For Entrepreneurs who are ready to “get to the CORE!”


Meet one of our EXCAVATION students of entrepreneurship:

Ebony Watermann works with Efficio“Enrolling in Excavation was the best decision that I have made for my business. Early on, I recognized that a comprehensive business, deep-dive curriculum, was necessary for success. Excavation fulfilled that need and more. In my first six weeks, I was able to narrow down a more marketable company name for branding, identify my target market and take advantage of some great business resources in the Mentoring and Motivation Collective; it really helps you to focus and work on your business; including getting yourself organized and begin planning ahead; the Collective coupled with EXCAVATION will allow any level entrepreneur to start making their vision a reality “for real!” Taking EXCAVATION has allowed me to sharpen my focus on the essentials for creating a sustainable brand. Thank you for providing a sound knowledge base that encourages business growth and sustainability.”

Ebony Watermann, owner, Verity Program Management


Get access to EXCAVATION training program for only $321 per month and lock in this rate for the next year!

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You can view the summary of program benefits below…


EXCAVATION Training Materials with Efficio and Sherese DuncanYour EXCAVATION training includes:

  • Weekly LIVE Intelligence Sessions
  • Action Planning Calls
  • Systems Coaching Calls
  • Getting to the CORE of Business® OPEN COACHING DAYS
  • Digital Recordings of All Sessions
  • Access to EXCAVATION Private Email Counseling
  • Access to Focused Development Tracks
  • Access to the first ever ENTREPRENEURIAL CREDENTIAL program
  • Getting to the CORE of Business® training materials packaged and delivered to me directly!
  • And Your Special Bonus! Basic to Comprehensive review of your systems, goals, infrastructure and your primary document, your Strategic Blueprint!

BONUS:  As an EXCAVATION member you also get access to Mobilizeu Entrepreneurial Career Academy and the Mentoring and Motivation Collective!

The Academy Benefits

  • Mobilizeu Career Academy for EntrepreneursQuarterly Entrepreneurial Career Mapping and High Achievers Q&A Calls!
  • The quarterly eDentity Letter  A No “holds bar” Entrepreneurial Career Strategy Development Report
  • Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity™ (eDentity) Audio Program
  • Lifestyle Construction™ Discussions to Encourage Dynamic Personal and Professional Growth as an Entrepreneur
  • Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call
  • Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Entrepreneurial Career Communication Hub
  • Premium Content and Media Programming also included!!

The Collective Benefits

  • Mentoring and Motivation Collective with Sherese DuncanQuarterly Focus, Fully Engage and Finish Teleseminars and Open Q&A Calls
  • Critical Thinking and Learning Labs
  • Red Diamond Blueprint Resources and Tools for Business Venture Development
  • Efficio Collections of Specialty Programming
  • Unedited Live Classes, Webinars, Teleseminars and Teletrainings
  • Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call
  • Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Mentoring and Motivation Group

The Associate Student of Entrepreneurship Benefits

  • student_id_smallExclusive Access to the 3-Hour EXCAVATION Bootcamp (Two Part Video Series)
  • Weekly Subscription to EXECUTION (electronic newsletter) Sharing Focused Strategies to take Control of My Entrepreneurial Career and Business(s)
  • EXPOSURE! rewards program for students only
  • Access to the Student Connection and Strategic Forums
  • Fast Start Audio Class Getting to the CORE of Business® detailing all six blueprints and how to implement them now
  • BONUS: Access to your exclusive Red Diamond Business Analysis Session
  • And much more (including Additional Gifts)!!


Member only links to our premier Internet Radio Programming and Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs around the world via Efficio Radio Network! We have a library of over 100 interviews that will motivate and invigorate solutions and ideas that can take you from contemplating to implementing.

Efficio TV Network with Sherese DuncanMember only links to new CORE Diaries Reality Show (Full) episodes and Business Minute Extended Video Tips from our Internet TV Station Efficio.TV This is one of the best benefits in this program; you’ll see actual clients going through their own mining process, wrong turns, explosions and everything in between.


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I’m Ready!

Terms: I’m assured this online transaction is 100% secure. I understand and agree that the EXCAVATION program is designed as an ongoing program for all levels of entrepreneurs and I am committed to investing in the initial (non-refundable) deposit of $321 which includes all materials and my first month membership pending acceptance of my application. Starting in my second month a monthly fee of $321 will automatically be charged. However, if for any reason I am not satisfied with my registration, I can contact Effició at any time to cancel my membership and monthly payments will stop immediately. This rate is locked in for up to a full year.

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