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You’ve started your business.

You’ve marketed your business.

You’ve worked your business.

But…Do you know how to operate your business?

Sherese Duncan

A FREE 3-hour LIVE call with
the Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner Sherese Duncan

“I’m ready… to show you how Effició’s clients are increasing their cash flows, profits, and revenues with skyrocketing results! You’ll get specific instruction and key techniques you can implement right away! I’m so excited to help you get transmogrified, get to the core and excavate your red diamond bushiness.

Reserve your spot below and I’ll see you there!” ~SD

This is not your typical “promotional, sell the pants off of you” event…This will be a LIVE (real) training specifically designed to teach you simple steps to build your Small Business System!™

Clear and Concise action is centered around learning how to operate your small business and taking complete ownership of daily activities. Once you’ve taken ownership, it’s a matter of taking strategic action steps to create perpetual motion within your business; in other words…you have to Get to the CORE of Your Business!®

The Streamlined Well-Oiled Small Business System™

The first thing we’ll tackle in this bootcamp is defining your Small Business System™ (there are 10 components that must be defined).

The main thing I want you to understand…eventually you will come to a crossroads (every successful business owner does) and it will be time to do the “operational” work for your small business…or not. When you come to that crossroad, I want you to be ready to take the right path and “be able” to choose to move forward instead of succumbing to the many obstacles that can keep you from making the right choices in your business.

If you need to understand how to operate your small business efficiently and successfully, then this bootcamp is for you!

Why name this bootcamp and our signature program excavation?  Because it is actually what you’ll be doing and what you will experience.

Digging for Your Small Business COREMental and physical:  The mental and physical digging process we’re referring to is about getting your personal and professional house in order – this is the first layer of the digging process.  We have to break things down – you and your business, piece by piece in order to reveal the gaps and weaknesses.  We spend way too much time on our strengths, our digging process helps you spend quality time on those areas where you are truly weak and discombobulated.  We have to get your total person and your total business up to par and it must be done simultaneously.  This is the beauty of what I do,  we work on you while we work on the business.

Mentally, we have to get you ready to deal with the roller coaster ride you’re about to engage in – when we say get to the core – we’re going deep – which means you’re going to have to deal with some things on a mental level.  But it’s so much fun and it’s an amazing relief.  The weight of the world will just melts away.

You see…all those things that you’re striving for may not be your reality – we have to get your reality in check – and make sure you’re striving for the right things and you’re doing it with strategic direction.  We give you the strategic path and support and you have to take complete ownership of your work – you have to make the choice to excavate – no one can do the work for you no matter what anyone says.

So, we’ve figured it out and have been perfecting this program, this process, these tools for the last 10 years.  We figured it out!

During this FREE 3-HOUR LIVE virtual event just for small business owners, you’ll learn my simple step-by-step business model that will show you how to build and implement business operations and infrastructure that allows your business to become successful and that allows you to put money in your pocket!

You will learn how to EXCAVATE your Red Diamond Business!

Here’s just a sampling of what will be covered during this exciting virtual event:

  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanHow to Operate Your Business Day by Day, Month by Month and Year by Year by engaging in only those activities that bring in consistent cash flows.
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanWhy most Entrepreneurs are doing operational planning wrong (including when and how to delegate the right tasks to the right people).
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanThe most common mistake about the steps to sustainability, more personal income and business profits ($$$) that is very simple to fix.
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanHow to tie your business’ marketability, culture and brand development together in order to Cultivate the “DNA” of Your Business.
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanThe Six Diamond Blueprints and How to Apply Them as Building Blocks to Systems and Process organization and implementation.
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanMy personal three no-fail strategies to Focus, Fully Engage and Finish (multitasking is out; finishing what you started is in!).
  • Howbootcamp with Sherese Duncan to create a system for generating a Consistent Pool of Buying Customers/Clients.

EXCAVATION Bootcamp will transform your thinking, upgrade your skills, and breathe new life into your business.

It’s time to begin your dig…


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