Effició’s Executive Education: ICON

ICON is your strategic path.  Effició is your strategic partner.

“We want to help you become an icon of entrepreneurship…It’s time to invest in your entrepreneurial mind.”

Efficio's Executive Education ProgramIn competitive diverse industries, entrepreneurs reaching higher levels of success must surround themselves with intellectual educational opportunities.  If you’re ready to participate in advanced entrepreneurial educational experiences including executive level learning, masterminding and execution of visionary business initiatives; turn to ICON, Effició’s Executive Education (EEE), to give you the entrepreneurial edge you need to make your mark on the industry of entrepreneurship by taking on true visionary responsibilities.

ICON prepares executive entrepreneurs from all over the world for new levels of leadership in their entrepreneurial careers and within their organizations.   EEE is for CEO’s, Partners and Founders of small to medium sized businesses who want to move from the tactical (day to day grind) to a true strategic role (vision and innovation focused) within their companies.

More specifically, our programming is for Entrepreneurs of small to medium sized businesses who are ready dictate to their success rate; ready to make the choice to be the “wolf not sheep.”

To put it bluntly…we’ve connected all the ENTREPRENEURIAL DOTS!

It used to be very easy to become a success in entrepreneurship – that’s not the case anymore.  Competition is tough, technology continues to amaze us and the way we conduct business and build our entrepreneurial careers can change on a daily basis!

This makes execution coupled with strategy a necessary tool for success in WHOLE, in Total.



“…my company has grown in revenue by 2x within the first year of the program and 3x within the second year…”

Jake Kent, CEO, JCMR Technology




Our ICON Executive Education programming will provide mastery training modules, programs and support focused on advanced level Strategy, Business Modeling, Technology, Marketing, Finance, and Leadership.  When we say advanced, we are not discounting starting with a basic understanding and progressing from there.  We simply do not provide cookie cutter, one size fits all education.  Advanced in this context means beyond the norm, extraordinary.

Your ICON curriculum will be highly experiential and relevant, placing you in a variety of situations designed to replicate the real challenges you face as the visionary of your company. It will combine a strategic selection process, an intensive cohort experience, and an execution module spent implementing and executing the strategies developed. During the execution module, we will continue to provide group and individual executive sessions to extend the support as you transition into the next level programming.

The ideal Entrepreneurial Student for ICON:  CEO’s, Partners and Founders of small businesses with 0-20 employees who are building a practice, a firm, or a company in addition to building a success team that allows them to create true wealth and achieve executive lifestyle goals.  You can find more info on our company including who we work with on our About Effició page.

If you’re ready…we will move you from progress, transition and motion to an iconic state of perpetuity.  Effició’s Executive Team wants to mold you into an Icon of Entrepreneurship.  We’re teaching a perpetual process for not only creating the business of your (vision) but also teaching you how to acquire Aggressive Competitive Skills that will transmogrify your person, your career, your skills, your business and your lifestyle.


Ebony Watermann works with Efficio“Enrolling was the best decision that I have made for my business. Early on, I recognized that a comprehensive business, deep-dive curriculum, was necessary for success. Excavation fulfilled that need and more. In my first six weeks, I was able to narrow down a more marketable company name for branding, identify my target market and take advantage of some great business resources in the Mentoring and Motivation Collective; it really helps you to focus and work on your business; including getting yourself organized and begin planning ahead; EXCAVATION will allow any level entrepreneur to start making their vision a reality “for real!”

Ebony Watermann, CEO, Verity Program Management


Key Features of ICON, Effició’s Executive Education Programming:

  • Online Learning: 95% of the program is accessible via your office or home, there’s no need to travel.  You will connect with our business strategist live via phone or video conference.  All programming is recorded; you’ll receive downloads of most programming.  The rest will be available 24/7 in our private online library.  In-person retreats are also planned throughout the year.
  • Experiential learning: Case studies, role plays, simulations and other activities mirroring situations faced as entrepreneurial executives
  • A Cohort Experience: Involvement in a learning community and support network during the program and throughout your training time with us
  • Executive Credentials Prep and Entrepreneurial Credit: Eligibility to receive Entrepreneurial Development Credits through a execution module filled with (apply to your business) experiences
  • Executive Level Masterminding and Coaching: Mentor support, small-group coaching and structured masterminding to tackle complex business issues and executive development challenges
  • Private Consulting and Coaching Modules: Access to targeted private consulting calls to track progress, discuss specific challenges and to map out an advanced level implementation process


Amanda Carroll works with Efficio


“…in business, sometimes you find yourself at the bottom of this dark hole and you can’t figure out what to do; Sherese and her team are at the top with a light and a rope ready to pull you out…”

Amanda Carroll
2013 Business Woman of the Year Speech
CEO, Sage Jewelry Arts



Our CEO, Sherese Duncan, is ready to connect with you! 

Schedule your CEO Executive Business Introduction

You’ll meet “CEO to CEO” to gain access to full programming information and a five point business analysis via phone or video chat.

*There is a minimum investment of $18,000 per year for this program.  Monthly and quarterly plans are available.

If you have general questions call 866-934-2673 ext. 701 or email support@Efficio.biz to speak with one of our Executive Education team members.