Sherese Duncan and Jami Svay2013 was a long year and I’m Getting Completely Transmogrified!

I finally got my mojo back and I’m excited to share some insight into Sherese, the drill sergeant, coach, mentor, educator, transmogrifyer, trainer, entrepreneur, colleague, friend, daughter, and wife.

Yes, I’m going to be sharing my journey to the CORE!

I’ve been telling all of you to get to the CORE, so I thought I would share my story from the beginning.

These posts will not be in an specific order but my CORE journey started over 16 years ago!  I can’t believe it’s been that long since I began my quest for freedom, ownership and a lifestyle I adore.

To start my story, I’ll begin with right now because I’m in need of an upgrade (my upgrade process started late 2012)

You know how we pay attention to the business, family and other things that (women) nurture; well I’ve been doing that for the last four years (on purpose mind you) and now it’s time for me.  The last four years and the next two are all part of my plan to move – not only my company but also my entrepreneurial career – to (my defined) next level.

It’s time for a (personal) upgrade!

Sherese Duncan and Sonya Barnes ImageWhat am I talking about?

I’m talking about a brand new wardrobe, image and style to truly reflect where I am in my career, life and business!  I’ve enlisted my trusted friend and image and style consultant extraordinaire, Sonya Barnes.  We started our image businesses (I have another business called d’image that’s all about image) together and she’s my go-to person for all things fashion.  I’ll share my interview with Sonya in a future post.

As I finish my day all I can think about is my shopping trip with Sonya, photography session (makeup by Jami Svay – love her!) and the 2nd season of my tv show, Great Ideas!  I have ’til the end of March to get everything ready so stay tuned as I keep you updated.

Here are a few tips to get your Mojo Back and focus on your very own upgrade:

1.  Go to Bora Bora and Go Topless! Yes, I said topless!  It means be free, take chances, open yourself up completely.  It’s the most liberating thing you could experience.  It’s about experiencing life to the fullest.  (I’ve been to Bora Bora and have a planned trip back coming up soon.  You have to go to this place – it’s amazing.)

2.  Take the time to get out of your world and into someone elses – it can really boost your business but most of all your fun factor!

3.  Take stock of your image, outwardly and inwardly.  Once you’ve taken stock, you can begin to define the real you and start reflecting that in everything you do.  (I’m sharing all my image tips in the Collective).

4.  Really define what you want to do with your entrepreneurial career.  Have you listened to the my audio program, Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity?  If not, you really should.  We have embarked on a career and you have to nurture and take care of your career.

5.  Enlist the help of an image consultant that knows fashion, style and image all in one.  I’ve had an image business since ’96 and my close friend Sonya is an excellent example of the type of image consultant you want to work with.  We all have our slumps where we think we don’t have the time or budget to look good inside and out!  Well, now’s the time to make time.

6.  Get healthy!  I mean it!  What are you doing to stay healthy and fit.  I’ve always been an active person but I have to make it part of my business day to include healthy and fit activities.  If not, I couldn’t keep up with business.  Get fit, focused and disciplined.

Let me know what kind of upgrades you’re making!

I look forward to sharing the details of Sherese Duncan and hope to inspire and motivate others.

This is going to be interesting, it’s a nice release.

See you in the business mine,

Your Transmogrifyer…SD

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