Student Life as a Student of Entrepreneurship

Once enrolled in our Entrepreneur Education, you will become a Student of Entrepreneurship! You will join other business owners that are pre-qualified, like-minded, and ready to learn! Our Student of Entrepreneurship resources are located in Student Life within our Learning Incubator. Student Life advances the mission of Effició’s Entrepreneur Education by helping to shape an environment in which all students of entrepreneurship are challenged and supported in their efforts to learn, understand, and challenge their businesses and themselves. In addition, we engage in continuous assessment to provide innovative, meaningful, and effective learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Becoming a student of entrepreneurship with Effició is about experiencing life as an entrepreneur. The Entrepreneurs’ lifestyle can be very unique, exciting, and fulfilling. Our job at student life is to ensure all students of entrepreneurship are supported and motivated to exceed their definition of success on their terms and live their own unique entrepreneurial lifestyle.

The central functions of Student Life are to:

  • Promote individual student learning and development through educational programs that generate awareness of the relationship between the student’s education and skills and attitudes needed to function in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Provide services which accommodate and stimulate the learning process and promote a fit entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • Foster a learning community which promotes student involvement in their intellectual, social, cultural, emotional, and physical development.
  • Develop the human and facility resources necessary to support the increasingly diverse and multilingual student population.

Our Entrepreneur Education Team is ready to connect with you!

Call 1-866-934-CORE (2673) ext. 701 to schedule your complimentary entrepreneur business introduction.  You’ll meet “CEO to CEO” to gain access to full programming information and a five point business analysis via phone or video chat.

If you have general questions email to speak with one of our Entrepreneur Education team members.

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