Effició’s Learning Events

You’ve seen it before, workshops, seminars all promising great results for your business.  Some of them do and some of them don’t; but at Effició you will actually come and have a Fun Entrepreneurial Learning Experience.   We not only give you information but we also give you the blueprint to execute…and we add in a whole lot of fun in the process!

You’re probably 1 out of a 10000 business owners looking for access, clients, cash, and multiple resources of support.  First lesson, don’t expect anyone to do anything for you.  Second lesson, you have to answer the question…Why should they give it to…you?

If you haven’t attended an Effició Learning Event, you’re in for a treat.  We will definitely break it down for you!  If you’re truly ready to face the reality of building a profitable business in the global business market all entrepreneurs operate in whether they want to believe it or not – spend your time with us.

Current Learning events below:

Access to select learning events will be open to the public and free for our community subscribers.  All learning events are included in our full-time student enrollment at no extra cost.  Event links will go live when registration begins.


Red Diamond Excavation Series (open to public; complementary for community subscribers and full time students)

Providing genuine opportunities to build and grow successful businesses; we want to share our innovations with you!

  • Personification eSummit – “Discover your true edentity and become the best version of your entrepreneurial self.” – June 18, 2016
  • Entrepreneurship Portfolio (ePortfolio) Planning Week – “Get Answers Take Action:  Your opportunity to get strategic help is here!” – August 22-25, 2016
  • Transmogrify eConference – “Transmogrify, Unleash Ideas, Build them Organically, Make Your Mark…all without the Box! – November 1-5, 2016


Training Camps (full time students only)

Full-time students get access to quarterly Training Camps!  You will review each curriculum and learn how to define the key components of your TOTAL Business, including, how to document each blueprint and ultimately how to begin perpetual movement towards your vision.

As you’re working through your curriculum, it will be important to consistently engage in strategic thinking at every blueprint; it is the driver for managing and growing a business.  Getting to the CORE of Business® Training Camps are designed with carefully planned, organized and executed activities; the ultimate goal is to bring in cash, profits and income more consistently.

You’ll train LIVE with your strategist each quarter to ensure you’re learning and implementing the content presented step-by-step through stimulating discussion and strategic guidance.


Mentoring, Motivation, and Coaching Boot Camps (full time students only)

You must focus on a radical transmogrification intended to change or improve!  This can range from something as simple as a new tag-line, to the extreme of implementing a new infrastructure.  By now, you know that everything you do in your entrepreneurial career must start with strategy.  Strategy gives you direction and focus. It takes your work from low-level low-payoff activities to high-level high-payoff activities.  You’ll access two six session boot camps per year covering everything you need to know in order to complete your total career and business strategies.


Virtual Entrepreneurs International Power Networking Series (open to the public)

Power Networking in Second Life, Ongoing
Virtual Entrepreneurs International is an organization focused on learning simple strategies to use innovative technologies including, web and mobile applications, virtual worlds and gaming to stay fresh, reach even more customers/clients, provide top-notch education and to create a network of first-to-market entrepreneurs!  This group is managed by Effició and uses Second Life to communicate with all members.


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