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It’s not enough to analyze the business; you have to analyze your skill sets and the skill sets of your team and continue to grow all the time. Part of getting to the CORE and increasing your skills entails building an Entrepreneurship Portfolio™ for you and your team.

Join us for complimentary Entrepreneurship Portfolio planning sessions to jump start strategic skill development!

As leaders of our companies, we forget to take time to train and educate ourselves on key business skills to run our businesses.  We’re not talking about how to start, how to market, or how to grow a business; we’re talking about advanced business skills to move your business beyond today and tomorrow.  There are 10 key business skills every entrepreneur should have and continue to grow as the business expands.  Initially, we’ve determined five main categories that you must build your EP from with the top 10 skills intertwined throughout:

  • Visionary and Leadership Training
  • General Marketing Training
  • Sales and Negotiation Training
  • Public Speaking and Soft Skills Training
  • Computer and Software Training

This are just general categories to get started.  Every business is different and every owner is different, the goal is to start with upgrading your current skill sets and customizing a full EP for continued growth.

Have you mapped out your entrepreneurship education plan?

Your EP will ensure your skills stay up to date, but it will also allow you to delegate your weak areas to the right people on your team.  Join Effició for our annual eLearning week and map out your entrepreneur education plan using eLearning (our main vehicle for training)!

Entrepreneurship Portfolio Planning Week Overview

Effició primarily offers courses via eLearning.  eLearning is facilitating, instructing, and coaching via electronic media (Internet, CD-Rom, video conferencing, websites and e-mail).  Come and spend quality time mapping out your entrepreneurship portfolio and education plan with Effició!  We’ll plan an eLearning strategy to get your skills up to par and how to build a successful entrepreneurial career.   Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or in your 10th year in business, this session will give you a new perspective on your entrepreneurial career!

It’s our intention to give you a clearer path to entrepreneurial success!

Each year we offer complimentary portfolio planning sessions to help track your entrepreneurial education program. Normally our advice sessions are limited to registered students of entrepreneurship but each year during the last first full week in September we offer this premium service to the public!

Your Gift:  An Entrepreneurship Portfolio Development Plan Tailored to Your Needs
Learn how to create YOUR strategic education program that will strengthen your entrepreneurial skills, provide knowledge, sharpen your business mindset, and build professional character with professional courses and training beyond soft skills development.  We’ll be giving you profound information about our education and we will help you select which programs and classes’ best fit your business needs as well as the entrepreneurial skills that will benefit you as a business owner.  Bonus!!  We partner with many continuing education programs around the country; as a result your plan will incorporate not only our courses and programs but also courses and programs that we have researched from top entrepreneurship educators around the country!

Your complimentary Entrepreneurship Portfolio Planning Session includes:

  • One-on-one 30-Minute planning session
  • PDF Entrepreneurship Portfolio Planning template
  • Complimentary Principle Course Pass!

Entrepreneurship Portfolio Planning Week Session Schedule
We are holding sessions Monday September 12 through Thursday September 15 from 7am-3pm Eastern and 6pm-9pm Eastern.  Sessions are granted on a first come first serve basis. Get your portfolio plans in place today by following the instructions below:

~Registration is open August 15-September 2, 2016~

To schedule your session, complete our State of Entrepreneurial Career questionnaire

Once you’ve completed the online form, one of our Entrepreneurship Education team members will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your planning session based on availability.

All information is kept confidential.


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