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Marjorie is pioneering a line of natural body care that is getting lots of attention. Learn why she decided to engage with the CORE Diaries.

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Marjorie Jameson, Frank and Bloss

Marjorie Jameson CORE Diaries 

Marjorie Jamison is the owner and CEO of Frank & Bloss, LLC which is a Charlotte based company producing an all natural line of body care products. Marjorie started Frank & Bloss in July of 2011 and now has her line carried in four local retail establishments.

Marjorie has worked in the Risk Management industry with her current employer, Crawford & Company, for the past 13 years. In her time there, she has had the opportunity to work in many different capacities such as Customer Service Supervisor, Claims Adjuster, Data Analyst, and most recently as a Claims Clerk. Prior to her employment with Crawford & Company, Marjorie was employed as a Branch Service Representative at Associated Credit Union in Atlanta, GA. She also worked as a Branch Teller at ENT Federal Credit Union in Colorado Springs, CO.

Marjorie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Policy Studies from Georgia State University. She also holds an Associate of Science degree in Psychology.

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