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Lenore has a tech start up business – learn the details of the challenges she’s ready to face!

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CORE Diaries Profile:  Lenore Vassil, The Torch

Lenore Vassil Profile

Cast Member Bio:

Lenore Vassil is the present and CEO of The Torch, an early stage software company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The flagship web application is an online personal organizer you share with your loved ones so they can navigate your life if something happens to you. The Torch was one of seven companies selected into the Rev Tech Labs tech accelerator program and featured on the television show Great Ideas.

The Torch will launch the application in 2013. Previously, she was a technology executive for Bank of America, MTV Networks, Verizon and Accenture. Lenore has a BA from the University of Richmond and is Six Sigma certified.

You can visit Lenore’s website at: http://www.thetorch.com

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