Part I of VII: the CORE

“…in business, sometimes you find yourself at the bottom of this dark hole and you can’t figure out what to do; Sherese is at the top with a light and a rope ready to pull you out…” Amanda Carroll, Owner, Sage Jewelry Arts


It’s time for you to create streamlined TOTAL business operations and infrastructure (the action vehicle of everything in your business) by getting to the CORE!

Our belief, and the philosophy of Effició, is that in order to become profitable, cash-rich, and realize your ultimate business and personal vision with entrepreneurship — you have to get to the CORE (raw purpose) of your business and build from that.

 Getting to the CORE of Business®

The CORE in business is the location where an entity (your business) that is natural, strong, pure, inviting, invigorating, enlightening, life changing, community changing, and perpetual, exists. When I say, “getting to the CORE of business,” I’m referring to your responsibility as a business owner to be successful. In order to not only be successful but to actually define your success on your terms, you have to dig, dig, and dig until you have built a solid business entity. It produces income, cash, profits, and wealth consistently over time.


Tia Lynch
Sherese is a great consultant, coach, strategic thinker and her mind is very innovative. I have worked with Sherese and Effició down through the years and I continue to glean good information and keys components for my business. I highly recommend Sherese and Effició to help you move your business to the next level! You will truly receive some Good/VALUABLE and insightful information to help you get to the CORE of your business.”

Tia Clay Lynch, TC Design Solutions



In order to get to the core you have to engage in a strategic journey which involves a systematic process. Not everyone can help you take the journey – go through systematic processes – and ultimately get to YOUR CORE, and not everyone wants to get to the CORE.

The process of Getting to the CORE (meaning understanding your business in it’s pure form and building from there) is lonely, confusing, and frustrating because you don’t know what’s there until you get there. Having said that, building your Small Business System™ will make sure your business sustains itself for the long term.

Ready to get to the CORE of your business?


CORE is the most comprehensive  system for implementation of business operations available for entrepreneurs!  We know you’re ready, click below to get your system delivered directly to your doorstep!

–Access full program details:  Access the CORE Full Mining Process Page.

–Not ready yet…continue to learn about CORE Skill Development.


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