Ask Efficio a Business QuestionQuestion:  What things should I have in place to ensure my marketing campaign starts off on the right foot?

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Team Effició:  Most people start with the marketing campaign, but haven’t done the ground work to implement a nice simple marketing cash-engine to build an audience.  Doing a marketing campaign to gain an audience can be very costly and time consuming.

Your first step – get a marketing cash-engine program (one that consistently brings prospects to your business) in place and stick to it for at least six months.  As you gain momentum, you can then add a focused marketing campaign highlighting your most (cash-producing) product or service.

Before you can create campaigns, have the following in place:

  • A defined target market
  • A solution (product and/or service) that not only fits the need of your specified target market but it also translates into a want
  • A key message and a consistent brand
  • A high quality website with functionality
  • The right pricing structure
  • Transaction processing and managing (technology)
  • Customer service requirements
  • Follow up procedures and schedules

…and this is just the beginning.

A Marketing Cash-Engine has the following components:

  • A stay-in-touch program that sends out communications on a weekly basis.
  • A visibility program that sends out communications on a monthly basis.
  • An education program that educates your market on your expertise on a monthly basis.
  • A social media program that communicates brand value on a weekly basis.
  • A promotional program that communicates specials and strategies on a quarterly basis.

Each component has defined tools and ways of communicating.  But this gives you an idea of what you need in place BEFORE you engage in creating full-blown marketing campaigns.

There are many tools and resources out there to help you automate and manage a campaign; ensure you’re marketing to the right target market and have the right solution by getting your marketing cash-engine in place first.

Your Next Step
Do testing and research.  Once you have grasped the concept of what you think you want to do, define how each marketing cash-engine component will work within your business strategy and define how you can integrate them into each aspect of your business.  Then, write it down.  In the end, you will be able to move forward confidently and be ready for anything.

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To your success…Team Effició

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