efficióICON Red Diamond Bootcamps

Efficio's Red Diamond Bootcamps

For CEO’s, Presidents, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who Own Small Businesses

Join me for complimentary efficióICON Red Diamond Bootcamps and learn how you can actually build a successful entrepreneur career in TOTAL!  100% Guaranteed.

You DecideMy efficióICON Red Diamond Bootcamps are for CEO’s, Business Owners, Presidents and Entrepreneurs of small to medium sized businesses who are ready dictate their success rate – ready to make the choice to be the “wolf not sheep.”

You may be thinking…Not more workshops or Not another learn and sell format!  Believe me I know what you mean, but at efficióICON Red Diamond Bootcamps you’ll actually walk away with intelligent information to use right away!-not a sales pitch.

My goal is move you from progress, transition and motion to an iconic state of perpetuity.  My team and I want to mold you into an Icon of Entrepreneurship.  That’s why I’m ready to share with you a perpetual process for not only creating the business of your (vision) but to also show you how acquiring Aggressive Competitive Skills can transmogrify your person, your career, your skills, your business and your life.

To put it bluntly…we’ve connected all the ENTREPRENEURIAL DOTS…It used to be very easy to become a success in entrepreneurship – that’s not the case anymore.  Competition is tough, technology continues to amaze us and the way we conduct business and build our entrepreneurial careers can change on a daily basis!  This makes execution coupled with strategy a necessary tool for success in WHOLE, in Total.

Becoming an efficióICON is becoming an entrepreneur who is harmonized with it’s business ventures so much so that together they represent the most valuable symbol of the entrepreneurial movement.  Join me for efficióICON Red Diamond Bootcamps to get a taste of Transmogrification, No Box Thinking and The Street Perspective of Entrepreneurship.

You will not be disappointed!

Sherese Duncan, Entrepreneur's TrainerThese bootcamps are all led by me, your Transmogrifyer, Sherese Duncan (I’ll tell you what a transmogrifyer is on the bootcamp); many of you already know me as the “real deal” when it comes to providing step-by-step solutions for your TOTAL entrepreneurial success.

After launching my first business in 1996, and five others the next few years, I’ve grown my main company, Effició, Inc., into what is today an enterprise that consistently produces successful entrepreneurs around the world.

I’m also including a review of my entrepreneurial career development and business training philosophies and style so you can get a feel for “effició-style” education and training.

I will discuss…

  • Why NEW, EXISTING and MATURE businesses Really FAIL and what to do about it,
  • Why it’s time to develop your ENTREPRENEURIAL IDENTITY and Credentials,
  • What it REALLY MEANS to be a Student of Entrepreneurship,
  • The concept behind “Getting to the CORE of Business,” AND “Getting to the CORE of You,”
  • How to Get into Your ICONIC Zone and become a better  opportunist, innovator and investor,
  • Hidden DANGERS of business planning, strategic planning and setting goals, and how to avoid them,
  • A Proven System for getting your TOTAL Entrepreneurial Career in order that’s based on what works not theories or methodologies,
  • Exclusive details about our new efficióICON programming,


  • Get solutions on the spot by asking your most pressing business and entrepreneurial career questions!

Maybe you’ve never truly experienced the entrepreneurs lifestyle and have actually created a personal straightjacket (not going anywhere) of just owning a small business.

Join me to discover your own breakthrough and become an Icon of Entrepreneurship today!

There is NO admission fee to this event NO THEORY! JUST INFORMATION AND RESULTS!

Get Registered!

Course Number# EIB-1-PRE-W-A
Level: 1-Foundation
EEUs: .3
EDUs: 1.5
Date: 4th Mondays
Time: 3:30-4:30pm Eastern
Format: Webinar (no need to download software)
Materials: PDF Workbook
Cost: $No Admission Fee

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You’ll be surprised at the information revealed in this bootcamp.  If you’re an entrepreneur who owns a small business, “efficióICON Red Diamond Bootcamp with me, Sherese Duncan” is a must to overcome current and future barriers to entrepreneurial success so you can become an Entrepreneurial ICON!

Your Transmogrifyer…SD