Sherese Duncan wants to Connect with CEO's of Small Business

Are you ready to discuss the “mean” streets of business?

If so, welcome to CEO Connection where we’re discussing all things business specifically how to play the game called business in order to change the game by engaging in Intelligent, Focused and Strategic conversations.

I’m Sherese Duncan and I’ve been leading Efficio for over 17 years and I’ve got a lot to say!  It’s been interesting to see how business has changed, evolved, upgraded, downgraded and everything in between over the years.  As the CEO of Effició, Inc., my passion for Executive Entrepreneurs is to have discussions, dialogue and commentary about the “mean” streets of business.


Who I’d like to meet:

Sherese Duncan's CEO Clients

Aggressive, Market-savvy, Energetic Entrepreneurs with Ever-expanding Innovative Ideas that are CEO’s, Founders or Partners of Small to Medium Sized businesses – You’re building a firm, a full service office, a practice, a company – International leaders and established researchers in small business topics – Upbeat, innovative, and creative entrepreneurs.

I want to meet and connect with you on the CEO level.  

Let’s Start the Conversation!

Live Blogging with ShereseIf you’re interested in advancing your advanced entrepreneurial (CEO level) skills and are ready to engage with an innovative learning community, we have several platforms for discussion:

Get Over the Hump Social Wednesday
Entrepreneurs face unique challenges and have many questions on their quest for success. Now there’s a global forum for entrepreneurs to “air” their thoughts, get accelerated exposure, get access to those who are doing it and loving it, and/or to voice their own successes, challenges, or whatever is on their mind. We’re doing live calls, twitter chats and live blogging!!

Get In the Know Media Friday
It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or are a seasoned business owner…Effició Media.. boasts programming that are entertaining, spicy, sophisticated yet full of useful solutions that you can use right now!  We provide high-energy shows featuring the latest news and strategies from Effició, local businesses, hot events, and unique business opportunities.

I am an engaged CEO.  I will always be at the forefront of connecting with our Students.  I am the Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner and Transmogrifyer.  I founded Effició, Inc. 17 years ago to help entrepreneurs build wealth through business ownership.  My goal is to Transmogrify your mindset into something fantastic!

My personal quote: “In order to think out of the box; realize that there is no box!”

Just let me know if you need a kick in the pants’ to help ‘mobilize’ you to exceed your definition of success.  You can read my full bio and if you need a dynamic no holds bar speaker, I’m a wonderful choice!

Sherese Duncan, Efficio CEOWe help entrepreneurs with the full development of their entrepreneurial careers whether they’re start up, growing, or 20 years into the game.  Effició’s vision has been realized and we offer complete full service organic solutions for entrepreneurs around the world.

If you’re ready to begin TOTAL entrepreneurial career development, then follow my 60-Day ICONIC Ramp Up Steps below:

  1. Become a Private Community Member
  2. Schedule your Executive Business Introduction.
  3. Spend 30 days engaging with me and my team through your Private Community Benefits.
  4. Choose and begin your efficióICON programming within 60 days of completing step 1.


If you want to speak with me live and get your most pressing business questions answered, join me for Conversation Cafe, Live Radio Shows and Twitter Chats they are free!

My team and I looking forward to helping you build your TOTAL entrepreneurial career organically!

Sherese Duncan with Efficio

The Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner and Transmogrifyer

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