Are you having problems getting a handle on your
direction, focus and (that dreadful) to do list?

“As an entrepreneur, imagine being fit (in the mind), focused, organized and disciplined. I’ll show you how, step by step, when you join my exclusive Mentoring and Motivation Collective: where entrepreneurs Connect, Share, and Achieve Collectively.

Introducing the Mentoring and Motivation Collective!

It is our experience and belief that access to a consistent and viable resource for solutions to problems faced in everyday business operations is a powerful tool in the business community; so much so that we have formed the Mentoring and Motivation Collective!

Effició’s Mentoring and Motivation Collective provides a support, mentoring and motivation information network for getting organized and disciplined in order to prepare for excavating your Red Diamond Business!

In order to do this you have to learn how to..Focus, Fully Engage and Finish!

Mentoring and Motivation Collective with Sherese DuncanTo:  Entrepreneurs who need focus, organization and discipline
From:  Sherese Duncan, The Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner
Effició Corporate Offices, Charlotte, NC. Monday, 4:00pm Eastern

Dear Future Red Diamond,

As head strategist for of Effició, Inc., I have spent thousands of hours teaching, training, and coaching entrepreneurs like yourself how to:

  • Build a perpetual and profitable small business infrastructure
  • Get their solutions to the market quickly, easily and profitably
  • Expand and grow into other divisions or add on solutions
  • Create a business that is strategically driven which allows the owner, and it’s team to have and live the life they desire

The one thing that has been (and continues to be) the biggest challenge for our “students of entrepreneurship” (and most entrepreneurs) is the ability to get focused, organized and disciplined.  Not that they didn’t want to or didn’t have the motivation was because they weren’t sure how to based on their situation, budget, background and business.

We are addressing this challenge head on with my new Mentoring and Motivation Collective!  The Motivation and Mentoring Collective is centered around three powerful words:  Focus . Fully Engage . Finish

In order to get what you want…

  • You Have To Focus on energizing your mind with the right information, the right resources and the right tools based on a focused direction to where you want to go and a strategic path to get there.
  • You Have To Fully Engage by thinking about, listening to, reflecting on, and ultimately implementing realistic goals and strategies by engaging in continuing education program based on YOUR needs, not  cookie cutter tips and tricks.
  • You Have To Finish by investing in your strategic skills development in order to complete your journey to where you want to go.

The key element here is a focused direction to where you want to go.

In today’s business environment, you have to prepare and organize for extraordinary results.   You have to build a focused driven entrepreneurial career that is flexible and able to adapt to change effectively.  If you’re at a place in your entrepreneurial career where you need actionable support in order to move forward, even if it’s a small step, then our mentoring and motivation collective is for you.

Who is this collective for?
Efficio’s Mentoring and Motivation Collective is for entrepreneurs striving to become high achievers but lack the focus, direction and discipline to do so.   If this sounds like you, we’re going to provide support, mentoring and motivation to help you Get Focused, Fully Engaged and Finished so you can achieve!

**If you haven’t mapped out your entrepreneurial career at all, then you need the MMC immediately!!

We Welcome You to Join Other Smart and Eager Entrepreneurs and receive “direct-and-focused” Business Support, Mentoring and Motivation Today! 

Mentoring and motivation are different than coaching.  With coaching you should have a set program and a set end date for completion of certain goals.  With mentoring and motivation, you’re engaging in “get er’ done” activities on a continuous basis.  The mentoring and motivation never ends it just evolves as your needs evolve.

Entrepreneur in a hamster wheelFor example, I have a client, let’s call her Traci.  She has a service based business she’s been wanting to expand for the last few years.   She called during the EXCAVATION open coaching day and we  started talking about her current challenges and she mentioned she was looking for a program or training to help her “get unstuck.”  The first thing I asked her was, “what are you stuck on?”  I won’t go into details here, but the gist of the conversation determined that she was ready to move forward with her ideas and new programs but didn’t know where to begin or how to get herself, her team and her business up to par and ready to grow.

She was completely overwhelmed, did not have time to even think about what to do or let alone organize her business systems in a way that would produce the results she needed.

She basically was running her business like a hamster running on the play wheel.  Running, running and running in circles with discombobulated strategies, plans and systems.

This is where our mentoring and motivation collective came to the rescue.  Traci needed a solution to help her get organized, get prepared and get her entrepreneurial venture ready for the next phase of growth she is seeking.

After all, do you:

  • Feel like you’re stranded on your own personal business island and you’re not sure how or where to start moving in the right DIRECTION?
  • Have goals for where you’re trying to go, but when it’s time to sit down and be strategic, you have NO IDEA where to start?
  • Continue to work dollars for hours and never seem to get to a place in your business where YOU’RE ARE IN CONTROL of your time, money, and lifestyle?
  • Get so “caught up” in training, classes, seminars, and workshops that provide great information, but for some reason you never IMPLEMENT?
  • Have no idea how to find the time to work what you learn into your (crazy) busy schedule?
  • Listen to everyone who says to do this or that, but you have no PLAN OR ORDER to anything regarding strategically building and growing your business? (You’re stuck in reaction mode?)
  • Wish that someone could actually show you WHAT to do and the HOW they do it, step-by-step? (As if you were looking over their successful shoulder?)

If you’re familiar with any of the above, I’m really glad you are here.  Building an entrepreneurial career centered around a small business can be tough; moreover, maybe you’re looking for the wrong solution in the wrong format.

Question from Efficio to EntrepreneursLet me ask you a question:  When you think of getting entrepreneurial help, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  A coach, take a class, go online and search for solutions, or maybe you think about getting some kind of organizer or an assistant?

These are all great “thoughts” but when it’s time to choose and actually move forward, we tend to get overwhelmed with this crucial step – to actually choose the solution.

We begin contemplating…which coach, which class, what do I search for, who would mentor me?

Honestly, no one  or anything can help you at first.  It has to start with you.  The first thing you have to do is to choose to get prepared (focused, fully engaged and finished) for exponential wealth!  As we discussed on the efficioICON homepage, in order to pursue becoming an Icon of Entrepreneurship you need energy.  In order to have energy, to get things done and to proactively pursue your CORE you have to prepare you and your business to become the strategic, focused and cash-rich power house needed to sustain and maintain.  This goes for all entrepreneurs at every level; preparation is key to EVERYTHING and it is a process that needs to be practiced consistently throughout the life of your business!

____New EXCAVATION Student of Entrepreneurship____

At a certain point, you will want to step up your game even further, and consider the full EXCAVATION virtual online training program. That day will come soon – meet one of our EXCAVATION students of entrepreneurship who is taking full advantage of the Mentoring and Motivation Collective:

Ebony Watermann works with Efficio“Enrolling in Excavation was the best decision that I have made for my business. Early on, I recognized that a comprehensive business, deep-dive curriculum, was necessary for success.  Excavation fulfilled that need and more. In my first six weeks, I was able to narrow down a more marketable company name for branding, identify my target market and take advantage of some great business resources in the Mentoring and Motivation Collective; it really helps you to focus and work on your business; including getting yourself organized and begin planning ahead; the Collective coupled with EXCAVATION will allow any level entrepreneur to start making their vision a reality “for real!”  Taking EXCAVATION has allowed me to sharpen my focus on the essentials for creating a sustainable brand.  Thank you for providing a sound knowledge base that encourages business growth and sustainability.”

Ebony Watermann, owner, Verity Program Management

____OK…back to the collective____

My first step (as your transmogrifyer)…is to get you (entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming high achievers in their business and entrepreneurial careers) prepared for the strategic work necessary.

The MMC provides 24/7 access to Effició’s premium entrepreneurial content and is updated monthly with tutorials and courses, expert interviews, live learning calls, articles, resources, pdf books, and a growing business collection library.

Four Roles You Will Play in Entrepreneurship

All the materials were developed for entrepreneurs who realize they need to become better at managing and operating their business ventures and their entrepreneurial careers if they are to increase their income, cash-flow and profits, both consistently and predictably; in order to live the entrepreneur’s lifestyle on their terms. And of course, we’ve included access to special events and trainings that include a dose of our “there is no box!” philosophy – all accessed through our private online learning support center.

Every idea, strategy, tactic, and conversation, on how to “get to the CORE of you” and how “get to the CORE of your business” are provided in multiple formats to give you what you need based on how you learn best.

Here are your Mentoring and Motivation Collective Benefits:


Teleseminars1.  Quarterly Focus, Fully Engage and Finish Mentoring and Motivation Sessions and Open Q&A Calls

Every other month we’ll have a special Focus, Fully Engage and Finish Mentoring and Motivation Sessions/Open Q&A Call that is JUST for my Collective members. On the call, our sole job is to answer your questions and share resources and advice as needed on how to get focused, fully engaged and finished. It’s especially valuable for you to listen in on others’ situations and questions. Often you can learn a lot MORE than you would by yourself!

At the end of each call we’ll also have a “free for all”, during which you can ask us ANYTHING about focusing, fully engaging and finishing. This way you’ll have even more opportunity to get you and your business ready for perpetual motion

We’ll help you stay motivated, focused and get you transmogrified, because we’ll be meeting every other month!

At present time, these calls are scheduled to be on the 1st Tuesday of every other month at 1pm Eastern time. (There will be occasional exceptions due to holidays and travel schedules.)

Critical Thinking Labs with Efficio2.  Critical Thinking Labs

Engage in Efficio’s Critical Thinking Labs and you’ll become not only a better student of entrepreneurship but a master student of entrepreneurship.  These Critical Thinking Labs will focus on making entrepreneurial learning more manageable, practical, and intuitive. Its goal is to foster a business mind that questions, probes, and masters a variety of forms of knowledge, through intellectual stimulation and other strategic tools of learning.  You’ll access self-paced video’s, audio and other resources on several topics including writing business documents, presentation skills, getting your voice ready for dynamic conversations, and many other critical thinking development programs.

3.  Soft Skills Learning Labs

When you do the right things right, you don’t have to think about when you will have time to do it over.  Our Learning Labs are focused on providing step by step focused solutions that move you from not knowing what to do to knowing exactly what to do and actually do it!  This is your learning modules for getting focused! Main takeaway from every Learning Lab:  How to move past information and on to Execution!  You’ll access video’s, audio and other resources that offer strategic “learning” opportunities for taking action including how to market to the masses, how to socialize your business, how to outsource correctly and many more.

4.  Red Diamond Blueprint Resources and Tools for Business Venture Development

We use a systematic process called ‘The Red Diamond Blueprint Model’ to guide entrepreneurs on the road to perpetuity and profitability.   This incorporates six main business blueprints, namely strategy, business, technology, financial, human capital and marketing. You will access foundational documents, articles, video and audio files within each blueprint topic.

Here’s a taste of the topics covered in some of the downloadable MP3 programs included in the Red Diamond Tools library:

  • Top Reasons Why Existing Businesses Fail
  • Get Over Yourself and Do Good Business
  • Communication Breakthrough Makeover
  • Cold Calling Techniques

5.  Efficio Collections of Specialty Programmingdownload_button

  • The “Get Transmogrified” collection provides all the ideas, strategies, and resources you’ll need to break any barriers, to learn how to implement street education, and to play the game called business.
  • The “Virtual Collaborations” collection provides access to live trainings + full transcripts of training calls with experts in target marketing, relationship building, human resource management and more.
  • The “d’image” collection provides access to exclusive articles and audio program on how to maintain a personal, professional and business image along with perception management techniques.
  • The “Tactical Growth” collection provides access to exclusive articles and documents on how to implement marketing programs that produces results and maintains the right clientele for you.

Here’s a taste of the topics covered in some of the programs included in the collections library:
How to CREATE consistent profits
How to BUILD cash-cow businesses
How to GROW your business
How to build YOUR professional brand
How to harmonize your entrepreneurial career with your chosen BUSINESS VENTURE
How to create a HASSLE-FREE Business Programs
How to Market and Network online
How to get and KEEP clients
How to DOCUMENT your business strategy

6.  Unedited Live Classes, Webinars, Teleseminars and Teletrainings (Streaming Only)

We’ve captured live (in person) uncensored and unedited trainings of the Getting to the CORE of Business curriculum, training classes at events, organizations and companies, and live instruction via the business institute.  You’ll access topics like our recent teleseminar Trim the Fat, Get Lean and Get the Green and one of our most popular video tutorials on how to manage a WordPress Website.  Recently uploaded was our two hour course on Business Research Techniques.  All accessible immediately upon registration.

And…we’re not done…

Mobilizeu Career Academy for Entrepreneurs7.  In addition to the programs above you’ll also get access to Mobilizeu:  “entrepreneurial career development academy!”

Mobilizeu™ (MU) is an “entrepreneurial career development academy” providing a career roadmap for entrepreneurship to ensure visionaries learn how to become the professional they aspire to be.  Our goal is to help you create your entrepreneurial career map harmonized with your chosen business venture or ventures:

  • MU Benefit 1:  Quarterly Entrepreneurial Career Mapping and High Achievers Q&A Calls!
  • MU Benefit 2:  The quarterly eDentity Letter  A No “holds bar” Entrepreneurial Career Strategy Development Report
  • MU Benefit 3:  Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity™ (eDentity) Audio Program
  • MU Benefit 4:  Lifestyle Construction™ Discussions to Encourage Dynamic Personal and Professional Growth as an Entrepreneur
  • MU Benefit 5:  Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call
  • MU Benefit 6:  Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Entrepreneurial Career Communication Hub

It’s the ultimate entrepreneurial career development companion package for MMC members!

 8.  You’ll also get the full benefits of our Associate Student of Entrepreneurship program including:

  • Exclusive Access to the 3-Hour EXCAVATION Bootcamp (Two Part Video Series)
  • Weekly Subscription to eNews (electronic newsletter) Sharing Focused Strategies to take Control of My Entrepreneurial Career and Business(s)
  • Exclusive Access to the CORE Diaries Reality Show showcasing REAL clients in REAL coaching sessions getting to the CORE
  • EXPOSURE! rewards program for students only
  • Access to the Student Connection and Strategic Forums
  • Fast Start Audio Class Getting to the CORE of Business® detailing all six blueprints and how to implement them now
  • BONUS: Access to your exclusive Red Diamond Business Analysis Session
  • And much more (including Additional Gifts)!!

Mentoring and Motivation Support to ensure you’re taking action!

a.  You’ll Access Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call

Email Counseling from Efficio

I know you’re busy and may not have time to make all of our LIVE Mastermind calls. But you don’t have to worry about schedule conflicts, because I record each and every call, and the audio is quickly posted online — usually within 24 hours.

You can either listen to it right from the Web page just by clicking the link , or you can download the MP3 file to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player.

(Am I making this easy for you, or what?)


b.  Plus!!!  You’ll Get Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Mentoring and Motivation Communication Hub

Networking Online with EfficioI created a Private Members-Only Area of our Learning Support Center that is accessible ONLY to those in the Collective. This online campus serves as our communication and networking hub, enabling you to reach out and contact our certified Mentors and Advisors and any other member of the Collective that you choose!

This is also where you can access all the benefits listed above.

When you join the Collective, you’ll get access to all of these programs immediately. And every time we create a new program or additional materials, you get it for no additional cost.




Strategic Execution by Efficioc. Lastly, we’re sharing Skill Development, Operations Tips  and Strategic Execution steps from Team Effició within our premier companion PRINT newsletter, EXECUTION including

how to mobilize your entrepreneurial career and operate your small business with strategies that drive execution and results!  We’re covering performance and productivity, systems and process, culture and brand, and strategy and goals.  Get a fresh perspective on how to become an icon of entrepreneurship.


Member only links to our premier Internet Radio Programming and Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs around the world via Efficio Radio Network! We have a library of over 100 interviews that will motivate and invigorate solutions and ideas that can take you from contemplating to implementing.

Efficio TV Network with Sherese DuncanMember only links to new CORE Diaries Reality Show (Full) episodes and Business Minute Extended Video Tips from our Internet TV Station Efficio.TV This is one of the best benefits in this program; you’ll see actual clients going through their own mining process, wrong turns, explosions and everything in between. And, you don’t want to miss Sherese’s Business Minute sharing key steps on how to realize there is no box, get transmogrified and mobilize your money!


If you find yourself no prepared for running your business each day, not organized to get your visionary goals finished or maybe you’re organized but need to create a system for execution the visionary way, then the Mentoring and Motivation Collective is your “go to resource” that will help you Focus, Fully Engage and Finish!

The MMC is the ultimate support, motivation and mentoring package you need to actually move forward.”

Access your 24/7 Mentoring and Motivation Collective Today!


Enrollment details for the Mentoring and Motivation Collective
You can start your membership today! You get access to everything in the Collective instantly. I understand for my investment I’ll get access to all benefits listed above. And I understand that this is NOT a contracted program; if I’d like to cancel, I can simply let you know via phone or email and future investments will be immediately canceled.

Here’s how to get INSTANT ACCESS to Effició’s Mentoring and Motivation Collective now…

All you need to do is click your preferred option below which will take you to an enrollment form.  That, in turn, will take you to a shopping cart page where you’ll process your investment and get immediate access to all the benefits.

Option 1:  CLICK HERE NOW to Join the Collective at $291 per quarter

Option 2:  CLICK HERE NOW to Join the Collective at $123 per month

I do hope I’ll see you at the next Mentoring and Motivation Call!  I’m looking forward to meeting you, and giving YOU the keys to the WEALTH and FREEDOM you’ve been craving. (And having a ton of FUN in the process!)

Sherese Duncan with Efficio

The Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner

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