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Connecting and Socializing

Sherese Duncan CharactertureSocial networking is the “what,” and social media is the “how.“ I try to participate actively and be willing to immerse in social media practices — web forums, blogs, virtual worlds, and social communities. Socialize with me on the networks below.

Looking forward to staying connected!


Talking, Networking, & Schmoozing!

Talking, Networking and Schmoozing is about connecting with people in a mutually productive and fun way — a skill that has taken on new importance in our fragmented, harried, fiber-optic-laced world. My goal is to develop a support system, a web of people I know who I can call, and who can call me, for mutual business benefit.

For me, talking, networking and schmoozing is neither a project nor a process. It’s an integral part of my entrepreneurial life.

Here are my top forums and resources for talking, networking and schmoozing…


Niche Networking, Sharing, Learning and Collaborating

I love to learn about new industries, new techniques and new ways of doing business. Here are my top niche networks for not only network, sharing and collaborating, but also for learning, growing and motivating:


Virtual Worlds…a whole new frontier!

Exploring new technologies has become an addiction. I’ve been networking in virtual worlds for a while now. Would love to connect and explore the resources available with virtual technologies.

Sherese Duncan Trains in Second LifeMeet Me in Second Life! I have a social spot in Second Life where I host virtual events and social networking. We also have a group called Virtual Entrepreneurs in second life, feel free to search for us and join for free. Here’s how to connect with me in SL:

  1. Go to http://secondlife.com
  2. Click on “get started” in the top right hand corner
  3. Skip “community”
  4. Fill out the application form
  5. Create your account (write down your username and password)
  6. Confirm your e-mail address
  7. Download and install the Second Life client
  8. Once you’ve confirmed and downloaded second life to your computer:
  9. Launch the Second Life Client (click start, programs, second life)
  10. Enter your Log-in information (check to save password)

You’re in! Now you can connect with my virtual avatar, Sheresed.

Here’s my social network for connecting with other members of virtual worlds:



Here’s to connecting! Your Strategic Partner…SD