2005 was the year I began holding self-hosted in-person events!


Our First Red Diamond Briefings

Efficio's 10 Year Business Anniversary ScrapbookThe Ashford Club in Atlanta Georgia was a great location for business events.  Being a member of an exclusive business club has its perks.

This event was my very first Red Diamond Briefings.  They were early morning events to learn more about Efficio, our programs and our premier Red Diamond Blueprint Model.  The agenda included introductions, hot topics in business, a client showcase and I always had a special guest come and speak about the impact of financials on business growth.

Every time I look at these pictures, it immediately brings me back to this wonderful moment.  Hosting your own event and having over 50 people actually show up at 8am in the morning…what can I say…I felt pretty darn good!

Efficio Business Briefing at the Ashford Club  Efficio Business Briefing at the Ashford Club
Efficio Business Briefing at the Ashford Club  Efficio Business Briefing at the Ashford Club


Briefings, GWEN and the Web

As we continue to celebrate 2005; this was the year I did a major speaking blitz! I think I called every organization in my network and I had a speaking event scheduled at least twice every week the full year! I had to move into my next phase of growth; the goal was to get in front of as many people as possible.

It was very tough, long hours and sleepless nights…however, it paid off big. Here are a few of the events I did in 2005:

05_Sept_gwen_conference I did a workshop at the Georgia Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference. We had a packed house speaking about Strategy.
05_April_Efficio_Event_0205_April_Efficio_Event_0305_April_Efficio_Event I networked with a wonderful group of people at Georgia Tech and secured a location for my next five Red Diamond Briefings. I needed a larger space! Pictured behind the registration table is one of my first staff members assisting with “people management.”
Efficio's Website This is a snapshot of what my website looked like in 2005. It was much to be desired. I was too busy with speaking I didn’t really spend a lot of quality time. This is the year I finally decided to seek out a web developer to become a part-time employee for Efficio.


The Small Business Administration

I can’t express how thankful I am for the SBA! They were my first real training client. I met Charlotte Johnson in early 2005 and we strategized about the training she needed for her clients. I never knew how impactful this relationship would be and still is to this day.

Below is just one of many trainings I did for the Small Business Administration in Atlanta Georgia. In 2005 I think I trained over 1000 SBA clients! Wowza…this was our “momentum” year!

sherese_presents_to_sba03 sherese_presents_to_sba02
sherese @ sba343women sherese_presents_to_sba04
sherese_presents_to_sba Thanks to Charlotte Johnson and the Small Business Administration



Getting to the CORE of Business® for Over 10 Years!

We’ve had so many wonderful years in business and are very excited about the continued journey.  Although we’ve been “getting to the CORE of business”® for over 17 years, our official date of incorporation was 10 years ago this year (2013)!

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If you’re ready to get to the CORE of your business, join Sherese Duncan for her new mentoring program for entrepreneurs at all levels, Mentoring and Motivation Collective.

Check out the Effició Scrapbook for more wonderful moments.

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