Efficio's 10 Year Business Anniversary ScrapbookI’m very excited to start our 10 Year Anniversary celebration with our very first branded website from 2003.

I started building websites back in 1996/97 and it took some time but we finally established our brand elements.  The web has been a big part of our marketing from day one; we understand the importance of online real estate.

Back then, SEO, tagging, linking and pay per click were so beyond the scope of a “do it yourself(er)” that we had to hire a web developer and depend on their expertise and knowledge.  Our first professional web developer created this site in flash and it was great.  We had a lot of feedback and everyone really enjoyed the bells and whistles.


Getting to the CORE of Business® for Over 10 Years!

We’ve had so many wonderful years in business and are very excited about the continued journey.  Although we’ve been “getting to the CORE of business”® for over 17 years, our official date of incorporation was 10 years ago this year (2013)!

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Check out the Effició Scrapbook for more wonderful moments.

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