Efficio's 10 Year Business Anniversary ScrapbookThis was a landmark moment for Effició.

We acquired our first CORE program client in 2001 and finally brought the program to full registrations in 2004.  We always celebrate accomplishment and wanted to begin our CORE journey in style.  Effició CORE Graduation First Class (our very first graduating class of the CORE Program) was held at the Ashford Business Club in Atlanta Georgia.  Speeches were given, certificates were handed out and the party began!  Music, food and fun was the agenda and it was an awesome experience.  To this date, we hold graduations for all graduating classes big and small.

Efficio's First Graduating Class Effició’s First CORE Program Graduates!  The first CORE Program was conducted as a one-on-one program consisting of 17 weeks of focused coaching and training.  These women completed the full program and then some.  I couldn’t have moved the business forward without their support and confidence in me and my company.With appreciation and sincere thanks to Tina Dawson, Tonya Philson, Feleshia Sams, Cartrice Myers and Jessica Daniels!
Charlotte Johnson of the Small Business Administration I’m picture with Charlotte Johnson of the SBA and her husband.  Charlotte was instrumental in putting me on the map in Atlanta, Georgia.  I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to support and train hundreds of entrepreneurs who put their confidence in the Small Business Administration for support.To this day, Charlotte is one of my biggest supporters and dear friend.  Thanks Charlotte!
The Husbands of Efficio's CORE Graduates! Where would we be without the support of our significant others.  Here I present the foundation and support we all needed to get to the CORE!The Graduates’ Husbands

We are so proud of all our graduates over the last 10 years.

The classroom version of the CORE Program is now being taught in Community Colleges and Universities!   To learn if your college or university offers the CORE program, contact us at 866-934-2673 or email core@efficio.biz.

The expanded CORE Program is still our main curriculum and just recently became an online virtual training program for entrepreneurs around the world.  You can learn more about ICON and join the many graduates who have gotten to the CORE of their business.


Getting to the CORE of Business® for Over 10 Years!

We’ve had so many wonderful years in business and are very excited about the continued journey.  Although we’ve been “getting to the CORE of business”® for over 17 years, our official date of incorporation was 10 years ago this year (2013)!

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If you’re ready to get to the CORE of your business, join Sherese Duncan for her new mentoring program for entrepreneurs at all levels, Mentoring and Motivation Collective.

Check out the Effició Scrapbook for more wonderful moments.

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