Effició (ĭ-fĭsh´ĭō) Specializes in Business!

Effició is Latin for “to do, produce, effect, make.”

Efficio's Red Diamond Blueprint ModelEffició, Inc. is a Small Business Education company designed to educate, coach, consult, and train entrepreneurs on how to build strong, sound, solid and streamlined business infrastructure and operations. In the process, our clients build transferable business skills and abilities while rediscovering the natural learning they have.  This process allows our clients to implement business concepts, utilize strategic thinking, provide real value and achieve outstanding results for the life of their business.

Our concepts, techniques and teachings come from over 17 years of experience training, coaching, consulting and educating business owners, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial students from all types of backgrounds, diverse places in the world and within virtually every imaginable learning situation.

Entrepreneurs not only need skill development, they also need motivation; once they get motivation the possibilities are as limitless as their imagination. This is where Effició’s “there is no box” philosophy comes into the picture.  All Effició’s teaching and learning techniques not only provide the skills but they also inspire self- motivation.

Effició, Inc. exemplifies the true spirit of entrepreneurship by being a leader of entrepreneurs; helping them reach their true potential. Effició, Inc. has an industry leading approach to business development, with strategic bottom-line ideas and straight to the point solutions.

Effició’s tagline says it best…“getting to the CORE of business”®

We have developed a multifaceted company expanding beyond education and training delivering our strategic solutions through a multilevel multidimensional global business education approach.  This multilevel education delivery approach allows entrepreneurs to select the method of learning and executing that works best for them.  Therefore any training, courses, coaching or programs we provide are based on the TOTAL business vs. just a portion of the business’ infrastructure.  We help entrepreneurs with the full development of their business whether they’re start up, growing, or 20 years into the game.

Our vision has been realized and we offer the total full service solutions for entrepreneurs around the world.

We are a Small Business Education Firm.  When you work with Effició, you are working with a red diamond business that’s everlasting and priceless.

We are the Red Diamond!

Understanding how to learn and applying what you learned to a constantly changing business environment is the most valuable skill in business.

You have to have a passion for what you do and you have to be like the Road Runner in the Bugs Bunny cartoon, no matter how hard and crazy it seems you just keep trying until you succeed.  We support that passion and keep it alive with our proprietary Transmogrification™ process.

We take our clients from business owners to fulfilled entrepreneurs who dictate their success rate not someone else – they make the choice to be the “wolf” not sheep.

BEGIN ENGAGEMENT WITH US:  To learn specific details of our Red Diamond Blueprint Model™ and how we transmogrify entrepreneurs and their businesses, join Sherese Duncan for her Getting to the CORE of Business Live Events.

We’re ready…are you?