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News_gossip_trends_radio_showLIVE! Getting to the CORE of Business® News, Gossip and Trends (NEW!!)  Tune in to Getting to the CORE of Business® News, Gossip and Trends every 1st Friday at 10:30am Eastern for small business talk at it’s best.  Sherese Duncan and her co-hosts will be sharing key news stories for small business!  Sherese Duncan, CEO of Efficio’ Inc. created Getting to the CORE of Business® News, Gossip and Trends so that guests may not only be educated but also exposed to the latest trends and happenings in small business.


Real Women Real Business Radio Show“Real Women Real Business Real Solutions Revealing The Soul of Business” Internet Talk Show, where Real Women tackle Real Business and Real Solutions facing entrepreneurs.  Real Women is an instant platform for dynamic business women from all parts of the world. Hosted by Effició Inc.’s CEO, Sherese Duncan, the radio show successfully enthralls an unlimited pool of women entrepreneurs and business-women with 55-minutes of engaging, interesting and compelling conversations involving the ‘soul’ of women in business.


The Street Perspective Podcast“The Street Perspective: How to Play the Game Called Business” podcast brings the mean streets to your desk seats and provides an online platform for entrepreneurs who need solutions to seal the deal, elevate business, and increase cash flow.   Real talk, real quick, and on demand.


“Getting to Getting to the CORE of You Podcastthe CORE of You” podcast is for business savvy entrepreneurs who who need to gain harmony with their business, entrepreneurial career and lifestyle.  Sherese Duncan will share personal experiences, entrepreneurial life lessons and tips to help business owners in today’s marketplace develop a  stronger business mindset and realize “there is no box!”


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