Some of my passions include Living, Laughing, Wellness, Learning and Entrepreneurship!

At the center of all of my passions is to strive for inward and outward growth of my TOTAL personhood.  This is something that is very important to me.

It all started about 20 years ago and I decided to meet with one of those counselors to small business and told him I just started a business helping businesses build profitable infrastructures.  He proceeded to tell me,

“You’re an intelligent young black woman, why don’t you go work for a nice company and be a secretary.  Why would you want to start your own business?”  

Oh my gosh!  What did he just say!  I thought, if this is what he says to me no telling what he says to other aspiring entrepreneurs!  I had only said one sentence and so did he, so we never got into an intelligent conversation about my business idea.

Needless to say I jumped into entrepreneurship with my whole mind, body and soul but I wasn’t sure how to do what I wanted to do on a global scale and where to start.  I went to school, I went to teachers, I went everywhere I could go to get information on how to build and grow a global business, but no one provided me the information that applied to my knowledge, my educational background,  my resources, and what I was willing and able to do.

Most resources I did find only offered formulas, theories and get-rich-quick schemes. Some provided information, but it was basic business knowledge I already had.  I was extremely frustrated.

The reason I got so frustrated (this time more than others) is because I was getting fed up with people who are supposedly there to help you but in actuality, they really don’t help.  They either tell you what you want to hear or they tell you anything or they pretend that they know what to tell you.

This is when my relentless quest for knowledge, understanding and intellect began.

That’s why Transmogrification is infused into Efficio’s business model.  To support my passion center, the desire to encourage true learning and growth, each for profit program Efficio provides is tied to a non-profit initiative. When you invest in learning with Efficio through our programs and communities, you’re not only growing within, but you’re also helping others to grow, and much more through our Red Diamond Foundation.

Here are some of our favorite passion centered organizations:

Sphinx Music

National Center for Families Learning

Check back as we continue to add more great resources that support passion centered programs!  Also, stay tuned for more updates on how we’re cultivating our passion through our Red Diamond Foundation or email

What about you?  What are you passionate about?

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