Effició’s Student of Entrepreneurship Enrollment

Effició’s Student of Entrepreneurship enrollment provides a continuing education platform for entrepreneurs in any discipline.  Enrollment is open on a rolling schedule and begins with an executive business introduction phone or video chat (we provide an analysis to ensure this program is a good fit for you and your goals).  During your introduction, you will be given full details of our programming, enrollment dates, and the appropriate application based on your level of need.

Once enrolled, you will become a Student of Entrepreneurship!

You will join other business owners that are pre-qualified, like-minded, and ready to learn! All sessions are virtual using a telephone bridge line and/or our CORE online classroom (web-conferencing). You’ll be able to take advantage of the groups’ mind-share along with your strategist to create a learning environment that is actively implementing key strategies shared. You’ll work with our proprietary Red Diamond Blueprint Model™ to shape your full Small Business System.™ That is…your WHOLE business from beginning to perpetual.

The first two things you will do is:

  1. Begin Focusing All Your Efforts in One Direction.

Figure out the one high-level goal you want to accomplish within the next full year. Maybe its implement all systems or something related to defining a new market. Keep it simple but make sure it is your focus for the full year. For example, if you decide to define a new market, you would take 30 days to define (or finally complete a full analysis of your existing market) and finalize the potential new market. Then starting the next month, you would begin testing with marketing to your new market and test until the end of the year.

  1. Schedule Continuing Education Days.

Your first few months in your program is all about investing in your mind, so you will schedule at least one day per week where you will spend at least three hours LEARNING. For example, I’ve invested in several teleseminars that were recorded. So each week I’ll pick one of those recordings and actually listen to it! I know, sounds simple but we really don’t take the time to do it. Or, you can read the CORE manual chapter by chapter each week to get a jump start. Bottom line, “get to learning” every week for at least three hours immediately after you register.

Once you’ve completed the initial orientation you will attend Red Diamond Boot Camp to get you prepared for strategic work, review your materials, work through the Red Diamond Playbook, and set up your education calendar to include a 12-week ramp up schedule.  Your education calendar will include:

  • Active learning sessions with your intelligence training each month.
  • Between sessions you will schedule time to complete business work (this is time to work on your business not extra work that doesn’t have to do with your business) and apply what you’re learning.
  • You will access curriculum, resources and track your progress with our Diamonds of Achievement matrix all within our secure Learning Incubator.  This portal will also provide access to your peers in order to share ideas, and to network.
  • You will access supplemental training on key topic areas to increase your success with skill development.
  • You will access the Learning Lab to ask off-topic questions related to your business in the Learning Incubator.
  • You will have access to your strategist via phone and email to ask program specific questions in order to support your learning.
  • You will plan for supporting events, training and courses required to complete your program.

Course and Program Registration Policies

Registration for Effició’s students of entrepreneurship courses and programs is ongoing throughout the year. Students may register for classes or programs providing seats are available.

Payment Options & Refund Policies:

Effició accepts credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and American Express), money order, or check.

Class and/or Program Fees (for registered and non-registered students) are eligible for a refund based on the following policy:

  • If you do not withdraw and do not attend, you are still responsible for payment.
  • Class fees will be refunded 100% for any classes cancelled by Effició.
  • Programs have their own specific refund policies which are communicated before registration.
  • Certain programs and courses may require books and or additional materials which would be at the student’s expense.


Our Entrepreneur Education Team is ready to connect with you!

To begin enrollment, call 1-866-934-CORE (2673) ext. 701 to schedule your complimentary entrepreneur business introduction.  You’ll meet “CEO to CEO” to gain access to full programming information and a five point business analysis via phone or video chat.

You may also request your complimentary business session via our online form located here:  Complementary Business Session

If you’ve completed your introduction session, access full-time student enrollment links and details page.

If you have general questions email core@Efficio.biz to speak with one of our Entrepreneur Education team members.