Efficio's Red Diamond Blueprint ModelEffició takes a completely different approach to business ownership, we compare building a profitable businesses to mining for diamonds. We use a systematic process called ‘The Red Diamond Blueprint Model’ to guide entrepreneurs on the road to perpetuity and profitability.

Why the Red Diamond? The Red Diamond is the most valuable diamond in the world. When one comes to the market place – buyers instantly come without hesitation. There is no need to perform massive marketing campaigns. This is what a business owner should be shooting for – to be attractive, strong, and alluring so that they don’t have to beg people to buy from them – their target market demands their solution.

Through this model, we provide knowledge, training, resources, support, and direction on strategy, business, technology automation, financial management, human capital, and marketing. These six blueprints make up a balanced business and are delivered through multiple mediums of delivery; all based on efficiency, thoroughness, and specificity.

Our training and education are not based on theories or methodologies – it’s based on what works for the individual entrepreneur.

In working with Effició, you will dematerialize your current business landscape and rematerialize a business that is: Life changing, Community changing, and Perpetual; you will transmogrify (to change into a diff. shape or form, one that is fantastic or bizarre) your business culture so that the business that emerges is first acceptable to you and then becomes acceptable and embraced by the community you serve.

Effició’s Red Diamond Blueprint Model™ is designed to teach the business principles that will train you to think strategically and build the right infrastructure based on the vision you seek.

It all starts with an initial infrastructure that will provide the business mindset you need to deal with the roller coaster ride of business ownership, the cash you need to live, eat, play, and re-invest in order to construct and grow your full business infrastructure and the business personality you need to present a united front to an engaged audience.

Mining Your “Red Diamond” Business

How building a profitable business with longevity is like mining for diamonds.

As mentioned previously, excavating a diamond is fairly easy. A red diamond is not as easy. Rarity and desire are the two things that set the price of colored diamonds. The rarest and most valuable is the red diamond. Values can be 100 times more than that of a white diamond!

Hence, Effició’s Red Diamond Blueprint Model.

Just like miners winding down into the earth, going into caves – it’s rough and it’s tough. Building a profitable business and getting to the CORE, there might be some explosions, you might get lost, you might get a little dirty, and you might even Fail. But that’s OK.

The Red Diamond Blueprints will not only help you get to the CORE and bring your Profitable Business to light, the process will give you a Business Mindset. Therefore if you fail you can pick back up and do it again until you find your Red Diamond Business.

When you’ve completed excavation, the result is an insulated CORE or your business infrastructure that is unshakable.  This infrastructure must be solid and represent reality so that those outside forces cannot break the insulation.  Those outside forces may include the tax man, the loss of your largest client, the lack of organization, and most importantly – you. When all these forces hit, your CORE is ready.

The Result – A Red Diamond Business and Business Perpetuity.

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