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Red Diamond: Strategy Diamond Blueprint
Course Number: 202-3-EC-T
Entrepreneurial Education Units: .4
Entrepreneurial Development Units: 2.0
Date: Two Sessions on May 10 and May 17
Time: 7-8:15pm est.
Format: Teleclass
Materials: PDF Workbook
Non-Student:  $99
Registered Students: $0 (Become a student of entrepreneurship)

StrategyOur goal is to get your business up to par and ready to reach the vision you seek.  Not only do you need to have direction and focus, but you also need to document that direction and focus strategically.  We are covering the basics, intermediate and advanced topics.  We’re covering all the “strategic” basis!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business growth, Getting to the CORE of your business takes strategy. Strategy involves strategic planning. And strategic planning requires a Strategic Blueprint™ that outlines the implementation of your strategy.  Strategic Planning is an activity that all entrepreneurs NEED to do for their business. As the CEO, Owner, or Founder of your business, you must turn your strategies into something tangible.

This class is the solution!

Learn how to create an executive level strategic path to the vision you seek for your business and for your entrepreneurial life.

Now is the time to change your way of thinking and prepare yourself to be strategic, engage in strategic thinking and discipline your business with a Strategic Blueprint.™  You will leave this class with detailed steps to create your strategy and strategic blueprint quickly and implement defined cash-driven business strategies right away.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Use the Strategic Planning Process for Long-Term Success
  • Document, Align, and Execute Strategies Efficiently
  • Create Total Company Action Plans
  • EXECUTE Executive Level Strategies the Right Way


  • Section 1: Introduction to CEO Level Strategic Planning
  • Section 2: How to Organize and Document Your Strategic Blueprint™
  • Section 3: How to Use Your Strategic Blueprint™ as a Total Business Planning Tool
  • Section 4: Implementing and Managing Your Total Business Strategy


Skill Sets Covered: (those highlighted)

Effició’s Nine Skill Sets of Entrepreneurial Visionaries (NSSEV)

  1. Adaptive Skills
  2. Artistic Skills
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Innovation Skills
  5. Leadership Skills
  6. Managerial Skills
  7. Social Skills
  8. Technology Skills
  9. Visionary Skills


Level: 3-Executive
EEUs: .4
EDUs: 2.0
Date: Two Sessions on May 10 and May 17
Time: 7-8:15pm est.
Format: Class is held over our private teleconference line.
Materials: Digital Text and Workbook
*MP3 Audio: Yes
Non-Student:  $179
Registered Students: $0 (Become a student of entrepreneurship)

Prerequisites:  Strategic Planning Essentials I.

Registration Details:

  • Your investment includes materials, credentialing and live training.
  • *Registered Students of Entrepreneurship get 24/7 access to the course recording.
  • You may transfer your course payment to another course if course is cancelled.
  • Refunds for course registration are given if the course is cancelled or within five business days of course date with written notification of desire to cancel.
  • If you’re not satisfied with your course you may contact student services to discuss.

If you have any questions about this course or need to talk to a student advisor, call our office or email student services.


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