Efficio's Executive Education ProgramEffició’s Executive Education

Effició Executive Education (EEE) prepares executives from all over the world for new levels of leadership in their entrepreneurial careers and within their organizations.   EEE is for executives (CEO, CFO, COO, of small to medium sized businesses) who are moving from tactical (day to day grind) to strategic roles (vision and innovation focused) and Senior executives within three reporting relationships of the CEO who are ready to participate in advanced educational experiences including executive level learning, masterminding and execution of visionary business initiatives.

Our Executive Education programming will provide mastery training modules, programs and support focused on advanced level Strategy, Business Modeling, Technology, Marketing, Finance, and Leadership.

In a competitive global economy, entrepreneurs reaching higher levels of success must surround themselves with intellectual conversations and discussions.  Turn to Effició Executive Education to give you the entrepreneurial education edge you need to make your mark on the profession of entrepreneurship by taking on true visionary responsibilities.

EEE curriculum will be highly experiential and relevant, placing participants in a variety of situations designed to replicate the real challenges an executive faces. It will combine a structured program track, an intensive “learning by doing” experience, and a certification year spent as a Credential Protégé implementing and executing. During the certification year, we will continue to provide group and individual executive coaching sessions to extend the support as our Protégé’s transition into certification completion.

Key Features of Effició’s Executive Education Program(Credential Protégé 2014 is limited to a charter group of 10 to 12 elite entrepreneurs):   

  • Blended Learning Platform – 90% of the program is accessible via your office or home, there’s no need to travel.  You will connect with our business strategist live via phone or video conference.  All programming is recorded; you’ll receive CD’s and printed transcripts of most programming.  The rest will be available 24/7 in our private online library.
  • Experiential Learning – Case studies, role plays, simulations and other activities mirroring situations faced as entrepreneurial executives
  • A Cohort Experience – Involvement in a learning community (Small Business Strategy Group) and support network during the program and throughout the credential year
  • Executive Credentials and Entrepreneurial Credit – Eligibility to receive the Certified Strategic Business Executive Certification through a credential year filled with (apply to the business) experiences
  • Executive Level Masterminding and Coaching – Mentor support, small-group coaching, two-day retreats and structured masterminding to tackle complex business issues and executive development challenges
  • Credential Training and Coaching Modules – Access to targeted private coaching calls, private consulting calls to track progress, discuss specific challenges and to map out an advanced level implementation process

Program Structure and Sequence:

  • Spring/Summer 2014: Selection for 2014/2015 Credential Protégé Charter Members
  • Fall 2014 Program Begins
  • Credential Year Begins January 2015
  • Fall 2015: Preparation for Program/Credential Completion
  • Spring 2016: Alumni access to seminars, coaching sessions, and various educational events via the Small Business Strategy Group.

We are currently taking inquiries regarding becoming one of our Charter members via executive@efficio.biz.

Program Details, Application Process and Information Sessions are set to begin April 2014.

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