Efficio Icon Programs for Small Business

Become an efficióICON!

efficioICON represents Efficio’s signature programs that provides a complete curriculum for developing your entrepreneurial career and developing your business venture into the most valuable (red diamond) you should be striving for.  Our goal is move you from progress, transition and motion to an iconic state of perpetuity.  We want to mold you into an Icon of Entrepreneurship.

Target Market for Efficioicon programmingLearning how to start, grow, expand and mature a business is standard training you must engage in.  But we want to take you even further.  We’re providing entrepreneurial education and engagement in a core business model that provides the latest information and techniques to be successful in business and in life; it’s time to move beyond “how to’s” and on to an iconic journey.

Our goal is to help you transcend the usual boxed approach to entrepreneurship and become an icon of entrepreneurship.  It starts with realizing that you do have a career – it’s called entrepreneurship.

All registered Students of Entrepreneurship within efficioICON programming begin their visionary path with entrepreneurial career management, entrepreneurial skills development, and ultimately TOTAL business system implementation.

But before we get to the training, let me share what we mean by efficioICON…

Becoming an efficioICON is becoming an entrepreneur who is harmonized with its business ventures so much so that together they represent the most valuable symbol of the entrepreneurial movement.

They are an icon of entrepreneurship.

  • Your entrepreneurial career is a symbol of your skills, talent and knowledge.  It is focused and on point.  It is an icon.
  • Your business is the symbol of all the things you’ve ever dreamed it would be.  It is enlightening, community changing.  It is an icon.
  • You are a symbol of your beliefs, lifestyle and mind.  You are transmogrified, fully engaged, wealthy and you’ve exceeded your definition of success.  You are an icon.

In order to become an Icon of Entrepreneurship you have to be a progressive proactive “student of entrepreneurship” in order to create a progressive proactive entrepreneurial career.  You may own just one business or you may invest in several business ventures – no matter your choice you have to get to the CORE.

You have to proactively pursue the CORE and not wait for -mediocrity- to get energy against you before you choose to begin your dig.  Although, in order to have energy, get things done and proactively pursue your CORE you have to prepare you and your business to become the strategic, focused and cash-rich power house needed to sustain and maintain.  This goes for all entrepreneurs at every level; preparation is key to EVERYTHING and it’s a process that needs to be practiced consistently throughout the life of your business!

How Does efficioICON programming Work?

You will be working with a team of strategist and entrepreneurial educators – led by Sherese Duncan – in learning how to get to the CORE of you and to get to the CORE of your chosen business venture(s). We have perpetually innovative resources, strategic curriculum, training programs, real live case studies, elearning, tele-coaching and in-person sessions that will help you transmogrify into the entrepreneur you aspire to be.

“Why should I, your prospective “student of entrepreneurship,” choose to do business with you vs. any and every other option available to me?”

We teach people the skill sets to believe in themselves so they can instinctively create income (cash) at anytime, anywhere. Period!

It doesn’t matter whether you own one business or have invested in several business ventures, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities to do the work, to move forward, to execute, to get out of bed every day and face the world; but most importantly face yourself.

Through Effició, Inc, Sherese Duncan has developed a strategic process that not only develops the person but it also helps that person create income, cash-flow, revenue and wealth through business ownership.

The CORE Reason to work with us:  our visionary leadership, our mentoring, our Red Diamond Blueprint Model, and the execution support that you get with Effició. We want you to be self-sufficient. We hold you accountable and we take the frustration and confusion out of building and growing a successful entrepreneurial career.

We take our clients from entrepreneurs in progress, transition and motion to fulfilled entrepreneurs who dictate their success rate not someone else – they make the choice to be the “wolf not sheep.”

We’re ready…are you?

Become an efficioICON…an Icon of Entrepreneurship

Current program offerings:


Mobilizeu Career Academy for EntrepreneursGet your entrepreneurial career on track! We must harmonize your entrepreneurial career and your business venture(s) in order to create the right synergies for TOTAL entrepreneurial success.

Getting to the CORE of You!™ If you find yourself flying by the seat of your pants, going with the flow, running up hill, working in your business vs. on your business, or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and you need to recharge and get excited about your business again, then Mobilizeu is your “go to resource” that will help you Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity™ (eDentity) and put your TOTAL Entrepreneurial ideas and plans into action.

Who is MU for?
The MU Academy is the best place for you to start your efficioICON journey.  You’re ready to take control of your lifestyle, business, career and everything in between!  You may be in transition, upgrading, revamping or maybe you’re just ready to get on the right path to complete entrepreneurial education and training that allow you to create income anywhere, anytime all based on what you “really want” as an entrepreneur.  Or…maybe you just need to figure out why you’re not achieving the way you should be!!

Learn how you can begin running with the wolves not sheep

Let me review all the things you’re missing out on:

  • BIG Benefit 1:  Quarterly Entrepreneurial Career Mapping and High Achievers Q&A Calls!

  • BIG Benefit 2:  The quarterly eDentity Letter  A No “holds bar” Entrepreneurial Career Strategy Development Report

  • BIG Benefit 3:  Excavate Your Entrepreneurial Identity™ (eDentity) Audio Program

  • BIG Benefit 4:  Lifestyle Construction™ Discussions to Encourage Dynamic Personal and Professional Growth as an Entrepreneur

  • BIG Benefit 5:  Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call

  • BIG Benefit 6:  Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Entrepreneurial Career Communication Hub

  • BIG BONUS Benefit 7:  Premium Content and Media Programming also included!!

  • Plus…Access to the full benefits of the Associate Student of Entrepreneurship Program




Mentoring and Motivation Collective with Sherese DuncanTake your learning to another level, and learn how to prepare, implement and operate your business with far less confusion about what to do. A Mentoring and Motivation Collective Student Membership takes your iconic journey to the proactive and progressive stage and brings you even more of the information you need to diversify your business opportunities and resources.  As a proactive progressive entrepreneur, you not only need skill development, you also need motivation; once you get motivation the possibilities are as limitless as their imagination. This is where Efficio’s “there is no box” philosophy comes into the picture.

Effició’s Mentoring and Motivation Collective can help you get prepared for the strategic work necessary (focused, fully engaged and finished).

Who is it for?
Your business is doing okay – but it could be so much better. Or you might be at a point where you don’t know how to get started with growth or maybe you have nothing in place to drive strategic activities day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. You’re in a funk – should I hire an assistant or should I try to do this all myself? How do I effectively duplicate myself, transmogrify my business, and create more innovate offerings?

Time to work with the master mentors, and become a Mentoring and Motivating Collective Member.

How to Claim Your 2-month Trial of Pure Transmogrifying Information and Support…

  • Access to the full benefits of the Associate Student of Entrepreneurship Package

  • Access to the full benefits of the Mobilizeu: “entrepreneurial career academy”

  • Quarterly Focus, Fully Engage and Finish Teleseminars and Open Q&A Calls

  • Critical Thinking Labs and Learning Labs

  • Red Diamond Blueprint Resources and Tools for Business Venture Development

  • Efficio Collections of Specialty Programming

  • Unedited Live Classes, Webinars, Teleseminars and Teletrainings

  • Online Digital Recordings of Each and Every Call

  • Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Mentoring and Motivation Group



As an EXCAVATION student, you’ll get all of the Mentoring and Motivation Collective benefits, including the calls, the collections, group access, and the MU Academy. But you also get focused training and curriculum for full operations and infrastructure implementation to build your business better and faster.

Efficio's Excavation Virtual Training ProgramEXCAVATION is where you begin digging for your diamond blueprints and work your way to your Red Diamond Business!

If you’re at a point where you are willing to work with others to present your successes and failures, your goals and aspirations, and your challenges to move on to the next level, then here’s where you can refine your approach even more.

Who is EXCAVATION for?
You’re ready to move into the Visionary role and operate your business with ease and precision.  You’re a forward-thinking, progressive, assertive entrepreneur who’s ready to engage in “Effició-style” training and coaching to get fully transmogrified in order to instinctively create wealth for you and your business.

You’re tired of working alongside dreamers who always dream and procrastinators who tend to do nothing or make excuses for (literally everything) for why they are failing.  You are serious about making things work and about systems implementation. You’ve moved from reading and listening to learning to taking action. You’ve no doubt experienced profound breakthroughs in the way you think about your entrepreneurial career and your chosen business venture(s). You’re a lot like our most successful Red Diamonds!

EXCAVATION Information and Membership Form

  • Access to the full benefits of the Associate Student of Entrepreneurship Package

  • Access to the full benefits of the Mobilizeu: “entrepreneurial career academy”

  • Access to the full benefits of the Mentoring and Motivation Collective

  • Weekly LIVE Intelligence Sessions

  • Action Planning Calls

  • Systems Coaching Calls

  • Getting to the CORE of Business® OPEN COACHING DAYS


  • Digital Recordings of All Sessions

  • Access to EXCAVATION Private Email Counseling

  • Access to Focused Development Tracks

  • Access to the first ever ENTREPRENEURIAL CREDENTIAL program

  • Getting to the CORE of Business® training materials packaged and delivered to me directly!

  • And Your Special Bonus! Basic to Comprehensive review of your systems, goals, infrastructure and your primary document, your Strategic Blueprint!


Begin your Iconic journey today!

*If you’re new to Effició and want to ease into our programming, begin your iconic journey with our Associate Student of Entrepreneurship Package.