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REWIND: From the Real Women Archives.

Leroy Campbell and Sherese Duncan discuss the visual aspects of your business from an artist’s point of view.  What does this have to do with business?  It’s about shooting for something; we call it your vision.  But sometimes that vision is cloudy and you have to visualize what you want in order to create the physical result.

For over two decades, Leroy Campbell , a self-taught, mixed-media visual artist, has painstakingly captured the essence and emotion of god-fearing, self-reliant, proud, and intelligent subjects of his Gullah childhood through acrylic mix-media collage-on-canvas artworks that display a deliberate choice of vintage quilted fabrics, news print clippings, burlap, threads, and elements of southern terrain.  

Despite birth defected hands and feet, artist Leroy Campbell is passionate about using his art as a vessel for endurance and education for social causes and make no qualms about it. His clients include: Medgar Evers College, actress Cicely Tyson, author Terry McMillan, and many others. His work has been commissioned by The Nation of Islam for the Million Man March, Segrams Corporation, Lucent Technologies Corporation, Phillip Morris USA, and the Hennessy Corporation.

Listen to the Interview:

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