Live Blogging with ShereseLive Blogging with Sherese Duncan!!

Welcome to our new conversation tool!

Keeping the Conversation Going with Live Blogging w/ShereseD 11:30am Eastern Every Wednesday

Blog rules: Have fun, but stay professional and on topic.
Where: Live Blog topic page.  Links are provided on the Live Blog Page link below.
When:  Every Wednesday 11:30am EST, 10:30am CST, 9:30am MST, 8:30am PST
How: No software needed!  Go to the Live Blog topic page the day and time of event and post comments using the form at the bottom of the page!

Sherese Duncan, Entrepreneur's TrainerLive Blogging Topics (click live links on day and time of each event):

I’m looking forward to sharing detailed strategies to keep the conversation going!

Your Transmogrifyer…Sheresed

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