Working with Effició is about experiencing life as an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurs’ lifestyle can be very unique, exciting, and fulfilling.  Our job is to ensure all Effició’s clientele are supported and motivated to exceed their definition of success on their terms and to live their own unique entrepreneurial lifestyle by EXCAVATING their Red Diamond Business!

We have been servicing Effició clients, students, and protégé’s for over 17 years!  Learn about Effició’s Clientele experiences below (check out Effició’s Subscriber Community to begin engagement with us!): 


Lily Winsaft Works with Efficio and Sherese Duncan


Gabriel Rogers Works with Efficio and Sherese Duncan


Sonya Barnes Works with Efficio and Sherese Duncan


Lenore Vassil Works with Efficio and Sherese Duncan





Donovan ReidDonovan Reid is owner of Easy Movers Inc.. They hire permanent, well trained employees in our clean equipped moving vans to ensure that your furniture items are properly wrapped with clean moving pads for safe arrival at your destination. Easy Movers has demonstrated responsibility & accountability that has won the trust of many key clients. Their commitment to listening before proposing, their willingness to be accountable, and their demonstrated ability to solve problems are behaviors that have earned them high marks in the industry.

Here’s what Don had to say about working with Effició:

In today’s world, everything is virtual and centered around technology. Business owners are communicating virtually instead of spending their budgets on traveling and meeting. CORE allows you to instantaneously interact with your strategist and the other participants. I really enjoyed the CORE technology used; there were times when I was under the gun but I was able to go home and call in while taking care of other responsibilities. Also, one of the benefits is that you’re not intimidated to say something and it’s more of an open sort of communication. You’re free to express ideas and your thought process flows much better. This program is a must for entrepreneurs who need a a great education program even though they are running a business and having hectic days. And it saves you money and helps you make money! I say sign up asap!!!”

Donovan Reid,
Owner, Easy Movers


Efficio Client Robyn CodringtonRobyn R. Codrington, MSW, LCSW has over 12yrs experience in the social work and mental health fields. Robyn is the owner of Inner Strength Counseling Services, PLLC (ISCS), a private practice that has been providing outpatient mental health services to children, adolescents and adults since 2009 in Charlotte, NC. In 2012, Robyn created Inner Strength University, LLC (ISU) to support helping professionals providing services to the mental health population by providing continuing education, clinical supervision, and private practice consulting services.

Here’s what Robyn had to say about working with Effició:

“I always quote Sherese when she says, “You have to know what you don’t know.” I knew social work and mental health, but I knew nothing about how to run a business. Sherese’s infinite business knowledge and the genuine caring support she provides changed my business and personal life forever. ISCS was turned into an organized and systemized machine. The idea of ISU was born and supported by Sherese during my time in her Getting to the Core of Business course. Personally, I learned to take care of myself and TRANSMOGRIFY my thinking. Today, I faithfully read the Efficio News and Weekly Kick emails but more importantly I put the Weekly Kicks into action and immediately see the results. If you have a business of any kind seek out Efficio’s services. If you sign up for the emails, take the seminars and do the work, the success of your business is inevitable! Efficio, Inc. is the most important resource a business owner can have in their tool box!”

Robyn R. Codrington, MSW, LCSW, CCS
Inner Strength Counseling Services, PLLC
Inner Strength University, LLC


Gillian Cunningham Efficio ClientPrestique Realty is a full service Residential Real Estate Company. Servicing both sellers and buyers in the Plano/Frisco/Mckinney, TX area and surrounding suburbs. As a Multi-Million Dollar Producer, Cunningham believes in raising the bar and staying on the cutting-edge when it comes to real estate knowledge, service and technology. My goal is to empower my clientele to make informed decisions that are aligned with their goals.

Here’s what Gillian had to say about working with Effició:

“Efficio’s tag line truly represents its business ‘Getting to the Core of Business.’ Each session/module gave a practical step-by-step approach to building a successful business infrastructure. After completing the entire program, I was confident my company was equipped to be a profitable business.”

Gillian Cunningham, Realtor/Broker
Prestique Realty, LLC


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