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It’s time to bridge the gap between planning and execution!

We’ve finally done it; compiled, organized, categorized, and packaged over 16 years’ worth of execution-oriented business information into one of the most comprehensive training programs available for entrepreneurs!

All Effició products and programs are developed exclusively for you “the small business owner.” They contain very specific information on building your business profitably and with longevity.  They are aggressive, direct, and based entirely on education and execution.  If you want to create a business that you can build and grow consistently and strategically, invest in business products and programs from Effició, Inc.  Join our newsletter to get notice when new products are available.

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Efficio's Excavation Virtual Training Program
Get LIVE Training with Sherese Duncan and her Team of Business Strategist! EXCAVATION is a comprehensive strategic training program for entrepreneurs that will help you move through the stages of business development more quickly and give you a solid support system you can rely on. EXCAVATION is an entrepreneurial training, coaching, consulting and education (all in one – no need to get things here and there) program organized into: Weekly Training, Monthly Learning Sessions, Quarterly Mastermind Sessions, Supplemental Tutorials, and Critical Success Analysis and Tracking.  You don’t have to run your business blind anymore.  Start calculating your business risks instead of “flying by the seat of your pants.”  Calculating business risks takes focus, discipline and strategic direction; it’s time to invest in a strategic partner.  EXCAVATION is your strategic path.  We are your strategic partner.Get access to the EXCAVATION Information Page

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