student_id_smallBegin Your Iconic Journey as an
Associate Student of Entrepreneurship with Effició!

We have…connected all the entrepreneurial dots.

Your Associate Student of Entrepreneurship registration provides the opportunity for:

  • An Environment That Spawns Innovation
  • Direct and To-the-Point Information and Feedback
  • Actionable Ideas to Implement Immediately
  • An Opportunity to Engage In Discussion on Issues You Face Everyday

We will get your total person and your total business up to par and it must be done simultaneously.  This is the beauty of what we do; we work on you while we work on the business.  You see…all those things that you’re striving for may not be your reality – we have to get your reality in check – and make sure you’re striving for the right things and you’re doing it with strategic direction.

Begin your iconic journey with us and actually build a successful entrepreneur career in TOTAL!  100% Guaranteed. 

Your “Alliance” Student of Entrepreneurship Program Includes:

1.  Business Advise When You Need It

Premier Access to Effició’s Online Advising Center!

Get Online Advising from Efficio Using Your Tablet, Iphone or ComputerIf you want to go from question to solution and from solution to execution, WE’RE HERE!  Call us and brainstorm your ideas, ask questions, work through challenges, develop systems or maybe you need help determining marketing strategies.  Whatever your business needs are, get strategic help from a live person and ask any questions you may have about your business!

This service is for savvy entrepreneurs who want to be in the forefront of their competition and they know that now is not the time to be complacent.  They understand that there’s still time for fun, but they also understand that they have to make time to stay alert…to stay on top of their game.

This is the right time, the right solution and we’re the right company.  Team Efficio has the solutions and we have them on the spot!  We’ll share solutions that work, solutions that you need, and solutions that will help you succeed.  Effició’s Online Advising Center services are designed to provide online counseling and advising to students of entrepreneurship:

  • Online Live Drop-In Advise Session:  One on One solutions on spot via voice or video conferencing.
  • Ask the Advisor Chat:  You’re invited to ask quick general business related questions via our chat forum.
  • Email Counseling:  Prefer email?  No problem, fill out our email counseling form to receive direct feedback from our advisors

PLUS!!  Get Solutions on the Spot with Your Red Diamond Business Analysis Session

Efficio can evaluate your business

You’ll also get access to our exclusive Red Diamond Business Analysis Sessions! As a loyal student of entrepreneurship for at least 30 days, you can register to receive a 1:1 analysis session with one of our certified Business Strategist! If you need direction, quick solutions, idea generation help, implementation steps, strategic development skills or any other support in the form of straight-to-the-point, kick-in-the-pants, direct-and-focused…solutions on the spot – this service is for you and it’s for new students only.




2.  Training to Jump Start Strategic Execution

Excavation Bootcamp with Sherese Duncan-Access to EXCAVATION Bootcamp:  A 3-hour LIVE Bootcamp with the Entrepreneur’s Strategic Partner Sherese Duncan

Here’s just a sampling of what is covered during this comprehensive training:

  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanHow to Operate Your Business Day by Day, Month by Month and Year by Year by engaging in only those activities that bring in consistent cash flows.
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanWhy most Entrepreneurs are doing operational planning wrong (including when and how to delegate the right tasks to the right people).
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanThe most common mistake about the steps to sustainability, more personal income and business profits ($$$) that is very simple to fix.
  • bootcamp with Sherese DuncanHow to tie your business’ marketability, culture and brand development together in order to Cultivate the “DNA” of Your Business.

“I’m ready… to show you how Effició’s clients are increasing their cash flows, profits, and revenues with skyrocketing results! You’ll get specific instruction and key techniques you can implement right away! I’m so excited to help you mobilize your entrepreneurial career, get transmogrified, get to the core and excavate your red diamond bushiness.  ~SD

Here is a sample clip from the bootcamp…The Misconception About Branding:



Core of Business AudioTo jump start your Red Diamond planning, you’ll receive access to the Getting to the CORE of Business audio class!

Learn how to bring in the profits you need the Fast and Fun Way — Effició’s Audio Class! You will be introduced to Efficio’s Red Diamond Blueprint Model. The principles within this model are critically important to your long-term success. You’ll get access immediately upon registration.



3.  Exclusive Effició Media Entrepreneurial Educational Programming

Efficio eNewsWeekly Insider tips on how to connect all the Entrepreneurial Dots via email from Team Effició

Each week you’ll receive access to our most successful business strategies! We’re also going to provide exclusive first notice of upcoming Training and Courses, Live Events and Programming, and Coupons, Discounts, & Specials!



Member only links to our premier Internet Radio Programming and Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs around the world via Efficio Radio Network! We have a library of over 100 interviews that will motivate and invigorate solutions and ideas that can take you from contemplating to implementing.

Efficio TV Network with Sherese DuncanMember only links to new CORE Diaries Reality Show (Full) episodes and Business Minute Extended Video Tips from our Internet TV Station Efficio.TV This is one of the best benefits in this program; you’ll see actual clients going through their own mining process, wrong turns, explosions and everything in between.

Meet the Cast (You’ll receive private links to each episode as they air!):



4.  Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Student Connection Group

Online newsNETWORKING is a concept we all know is important. But… HOW can you do it online, AND how can you meet success-minded people with REAL businesses, who understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and who are the real deal (and not scamsters)?

I’m going to solve your problem right now…

We created a Private Members-Only Area of our Learning Support Center that is accessible ONLY to Students of Entrepreneurship. This online campus serves as our communication and networking hub, enabling you to reach out and contact our certified mentors and any other student of entrepreneurship that you choose!  The Student Connection includes the popular strategic forums that are checked more than three times per week by Efficio’s Certified Business Strategist, Coaches and Advisors:

  • Goals, Intentions, and Initiatives Forum
  • Ideas, Research and Development Forum
  • Transmogrification Forum
  • Strategy Questions and Support Forum
  • Business Questions and Support Forum
  • Technology Questions and Support Forum
  • Financial Questions and Support Forum
  • Human Capital Questions and Support Forum
  • Marketing Questions and Support Forum




The EXTRAS…Just Because

Tools and Resources

7 Virtual Tools ReportBusiness Resource Rolodex
Students of Entrepreneurship get exclusive access to Effició’s Business Resource Rolodex of tools and resources.  You can see what tools and resources we use to help make Effició successful.  There are resources on the best conference lines, transcribing services, directories, internet marketing resources, technology applications, research sources, marketing and sales tools and general business tools.  This list grows each month with new links and resources to support business growth and development.

Expert Vendor Database
We’ve partnered with a privately selected group of experts and guru’s from PR firms to marketing firms to CPA and law firms to virtual assistants and social media strategist.  We have them all!  When it’s time for you to add these resources, we’ve built solid relationships with individuals and businesses that can serve your every need from across the globe!  Plus, most of them have experienced the Effició training for themselves!  This is highly beneficial for you and they have included very special offers for our Students of Entrepreneurship only!!!


Exposure on Efficio Networks

You’ll also get access to our new EXPOSURE! rewards program for students only!!

We need to support our supporters to help you succeed in business – this is Effició’s Mission! We thought long and hard on how to support our professional network and decided that Effició has a huge following and many opportunities to showcase the best and the brightest.

We give our supporters EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! that will help spread the word and generate cash!



When you become a Student of Entrepreneurship, you’ll get access to all of these programs immediately. And every time we create a new program or additional materials, you get it for no additional cost.


So…what type of (business) player are you?

Are you the focused player?
Are you the reluctant player?
Are you the fearless player?
Are you the strategic player?

Let’s find out!

checkmarkredyes!!! I want to begin my Iconic Journey by becoming an Associate Student of Entrepreneurship.  As part of my exclusive membership, I will gain real time information!  My associate student registration includes:

1.  Business Advise When You Need Itguarantee
2.  Training to Jump Start Strategic Execution
3.  Exclusive Effició Media Entrepreneurial Educational Programming
4.  Private Online Access to Our Exclusive Student Connection Group
5.  The EXTRAS:  Tools and Resources and the EXPOSURE Rewards Program

We know you’re ready, so get your Associate Student of Entrepreneurship  registration below (no strings just providing access to premier training).

Click to Enroll as an Associate Student of Entrepreneurship for a ONE-TIME investment of $93.94

*Your Associate Student of Entrepreneurship registration and FREE GIFTS package will be delivered to you directly via U.S. mail to arrive within 3-5 business days after registration.  You will access all online benefits immediately.




The Entrepreneurs’ lifestyle can be very unique, exciting, and fulfilling. Our goal is to ensure all students are supported and motivated to live their own unique entrepreneurial lifestyle.

We’ll see you in the business mine!

If you have questions, you can contact Team Efficio directly at 866-934-2673 or email us at

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