Trim the Fat, Get Lean and Get the Green!

Small Business…the biggest conundrum of them all!!

Did you know that the biggest conundrum entrepreneurs face is the fact that we own a small business?  I know, this sounds crazy but it’s true.Trim the Business Fat

What do entrepreneurs ultimately need? Entrepreneurs need to make money.  Money is the backbone of any business.  Yes, there’s passion, there’s the need to help, there’s the need to provide and all the wonderful (results) of our business solutions whatever they may be.  However, at the center of it all is money.

The path to money cannot be packaged in a nice little box ready for you open like a birthday present.  Based on over 17 years of working with business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations that serve entrepreneurs and most importantly based on my own experience…

the path to money is RELATIVE to the individual running the small business.  

Here’s the CORE Conundrum:  Whatever solution(s) you’re looking for to the problems you think and/or know you have on the path to money within your small business...well…the solution…it all depends.  That’s the conundrum.

Here’s the CORE truth:  There isn’t a solution to your problem because it is not about solving the problem.  It’s about dealing with the source of the problem at the most optimal level of intelligence so you can eliminate the problem – this is what you want.

As a business owner, there will always be problems, challenges, stress, and other forms of “things to deal with” for the life of your business.  The disconnection is the fact that we focus our energy, our minds and our actions on the surface instead of digging down and understanding the source of the good, the bad and the ugly.  In other words entrepreneurs are not getting to the CORE of their business.

Your business may be suffering if you’re failing to see the BIG differences between your problems and the CORE source of your problems.  

Sherese DuncanHow do you begin to deal with the CORE source?  You trim the fat, and get lean so you can get the green (money).  You have to Focus, Fully Engage and Finish!  Very Simple…although YOU have to be willing to accept, take the first step and do the work.

Join me, Sherese Duncan, the Transmogrifyer of Entrepreneurs and their Businesses, for a one-time only teleseminar, “Trim the Fat, Get Lean and Get the Green” Tuesday, August 6, at 7 p.m. EST.

You will discover the following barriers that are keeping you on the surface and how to bulldoze them out of the way:

  • The myths of marketing that you have to hear so you can decide what’s best for your target market
  • The top business trend that sets you up for failure time and time again
  • The one thing that most entrepreneurs ignore on their path to the “money”
  • The skills you need in order to exceed your definition of success but you can’t learn them in a classroom
  • The ultimate tool that educated experts are taught that is programming you to make choices that are not your own
  • The Get Your Mining Boots and Work with Efficiopopular technique used by many that leaves you disgusted, frustrated and lost but you don’t realize it until later
  • The consistent trap biz owners fall into that allows them to become obsolete and outdated
  • The three things that motivate entrepreneurs but they don’t think they deserve them.
  • The one fact that almost always puts entrepreneurs in a “funk” and they don’t even realize it.
  • The most detrimental result entrepreneurs face when they don’t deal with the main culprit of stress

and…I’m going to share with you what it REALLY takes to “Trim the Fat, Get Lean and Get the Green.”

Yes…I have a LOT to share!  You don’t want to miss this event…

Maintaining a profitable business is much more complex than before.  Not only are we “stuck in our ways,” but we’re also overwhelmed with “the new ways” of doing business that we often go back to “business as usual.”  Not to mention the technology required to stay relevant.

It is your time to fully encompass the entrepreneurial mindset by getting to the CORE of your business and excavating your Red Diamond!  It is time for you,  a savvy entrepreneur, to get back into the true entrepreneurial spirit and form your customized path to money!

It’s time to Trim the Fat, Get Lean and Get the Green!

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